Thursday, 19 May 2011

Really Thursday this time

Woken by my alarm this morning, after a disturbed nights sleep so I had no energy to speak of. I still forced myself onto the elliptical, and still got sweaty, but I actually had to reduce the resistance twice during my 40 minutes, so that was disappointing. I guess I then woke up a bit as I managed 7 chin ups afterwards, but didn't have time for any other resistance work.
No shoulder pain, even when hefting my huge body up in the air, but that's probably not due to the bracelet as apparently it can take a couple of weeks - couple of months to have an effect, and I wasn't having daily pain anyway.
At lunchtime my interrupted sleep hit me... I tried to walk but that turned into sitting in the sun reading my kindle. Then I pigged out at lunch as well... I should have had a salad but instead I had salmon, egg, chips & peas followed by a gluten-ous brownie - and I'd already sampled a non-gf marmalade cake baked by a colleague. I'm coming to the conclusion that eating non-gf sweet stuff has become a binge trigger for me - and being tired is obviously no help there. I definitely need to avoid the gluten baking a lot more strictly, no more experimentation with reintroducing gluten unless the item looks exceptional (to be fair the marmalade cake did, the brownie not so much!)
So, its a learning experience... if people bring cakes to the office, only try if at least 3 people swoon on tasting ;-). Oh yeah, and get more sleep - somehow...

Food today :
Breakfast:  giant smoothie topped with passionfruit and a sprinkling of mixed seeds


Lunch: see above...


Dinner:  salad with tofu and roasted vegetables


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blueberries & honey; a raw chocolate bar, small slice of marmalade cake (and it was small)
Weight: don't know

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  1. I think you are on to something - there isn't anything wrong with indulging in "swoon-worthy" things - it's wasting the indulgence on something not worth it that is my problem. I will try to hold this phrase in my head - kinda like Seinfeld's "sponge-worthy" phrase. If I can get a visual on a simple concept, I'm more apt to remember it when I need it. Thanks - you've given me a little more ammunition today. I hope your day is a good one.