Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Monday & Tuesday

Here we are, back to work again...
I'm feeling motivated, optimistic & rating to go!
Or am I? Nope.
I thought I'd try faking it till I make it... and haven't made it yet.
I woke up really early this morning, and so lacking in energy that I didn't train before breakfast. Instead I planned to train after work, before dinner - something I find much harder to do, but I thought it was important to do something as I've allowed all the recent bank holidays to throw my routine completely out - not just exercise-wise, but diet-wise as well. Sadly, I was ravenous by the time I got home, so that didn’t happen either…

I feel heavier, my clothes feel tighter, and I've had an upset stomach all weekend for the second weekend in row. I just can't decide what to do about it now. One part of me wants to return to the straightforward plan that worked for me before - calorie counting, eating less meat, lots of cardio (but with some resistance added because I'm 40 this year and feeling the need to protect against osteoporosis and osteoarthritis while I still can) but another part of me thinks I'm burned out / bored with that and should try something else - maybe a low carb grain free diet like the one I've been reading about on JAGs blog to shake things up, but I'm not sure I'm up to all the heavy lifting and doubt how well it would work without it. Plus of course I tend to prefer to alternate between meaty and vegetarian meals, and I think that diet excludes most vegetarian protein sources... because of this I don't see that diet as a sustainable one for me long term, so I'm not sure if its worth it just to shake things up a bit...
I didn't walk at lunchtime even though it was sunny. I'm so sick of being buffeted by the strong winds we keep having at the moment (I do realise that sounds like a very petty quibble when do many people are suffering real hardship and danger from truly terrible weather and they do have my sympathy, however self-absorbed I sound) and after battling with them over the weekend I couldn't be bothered to do it again today. No doubt normal service will resume tomorrow as long as it doesn't rain.

Food Monday:
Breakfast: Sausage, bacon, mushrooms & egg


Lunch: salad with roast chicken leg and some home-made gf ‘not rye’ bread spread with goat’s cheese


Dinner: fish and chips with peas, corn & mushroom. The fish was 'breaded' with desiccated coconut, and the chips were Butternut squash


Snacks: Ben & Jerry caramel chew chew ice-cream topped with the last of our dipping adventure caramel sauce;


Greek yoghurt with blueberries; melon slices

Food today :
Breakfast: scrambled egg, low fat bacon, tinned tomatoes & mushrooms, gf sausage


Lunch: leafy salad topped with slow cooked chicken breast

Dinner: Singapore fried (courgette) noodles –looks just like the real thing, don’t you think???


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with fruit, coconut biscuit (topped with some white chocolate dipping sauce), protein water


  1. Sorry that you are frustrated and struggling a bit. When I struggled like you are, I broke up my exercise into smaller pieces, tried some new recipes and never gave up on staying healthy. Hope that you find your motivation soon!

  2. Oh it’s just rubbish when you hit the wall like that. I don't really know what to say because even the old "go out and get some fresh air" mantra isn't going to work because you don't want to get outside. It has been extremely windy of late, it really does take the good out of a walk. My hair goes all Yahoo Serious on me when I go out in the wind as well grrr... I read JAG's paleo journey with great interest but it's definitely not something I'd try myself because the longer I go without eating meat the less likely I want to go back to eating it! I like reading about how different things work for different people and hope that someday I'll figure out what works for me ;)

    Sometimes I find even a week or two weeks off from exercise and I'm good to go again, but unfortunately that means I have to focus more on eating less when I'm being less active and that never ends well...eep!