Monday, 9 May 2011

Monday moaning

No training this morning and no walk at lunchtime. I'm trying to firm up the rest day thing as I really hate taking them but will need them once I manage to get to grips with the harder workouts that I (still) plan to incorporate into my life. Unfortunately on days when I don’t train I have a tendency to pick at food…. see below…

Housework in the evening, deliberately left until tonight because Mum & her OH are visiting tomorrow evening and I like it to be done as close as possible to a visit so I can't drop / spill anything afterwards ;-)

Food today :
Breakfast: my current favourite tropical protein smoothie


Lunch: salad with soya beans & a hard boiled egg

Dinner: soya mince Bolognese with Courgette pasta & salad


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blackberries and protein water + more fruit and a mini babybel. And some chocolate covered raisins, some fruit loaf (as I was throwing it away I found myself nibbling round the edges), some almond butter and a couple of mini almond flour muffins I made for my my Mum tomorrow… all this spread over several hours in the intervals of housework, so I didn’t feel a crazed binge going on, but more a mindless grazing.

No weigh in this morning – and same will go for tomorrow!

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  1. I think rest days are really important, but if I really feel like doing something I'll take a walk or do some gentle swimming (the only pace my swimming goes at really!).