Monday, 23 May 2011

Monday again

Yesterday was declared a rest day because on Saturday after walking into town I took to my bed for most of the afternoon with my weird reaction to Friday nights cider. My meals were healthy yesterday but I ate a lot of extra nibbles, I think because I was frustrated with myself. I hate missing weekend walks when I'm working because it seems like such a waste - even when, like yesterday, the weather is dodgy (showers, very cold strong winds, and much cooler than its been)
This morning I decided not to have my normal scheduled rest day as a result, and ellipticized for 40 mins - with increased resistance too. I felt fantastic afterwards, even without time for any resistance work.
Lunchtime I did get a walk but it was all business as I'd sold one of M's old PS3 games on the internet and had to waste my time queuing at the post office to send it to its new home.
This evening my Mum & A came over and we went to Chepstow for dinner.

Weekend food in pictures:




Food today :
Breakfast:  overnight oats - bob's red mill gf oats just appeared in my local Waitrose! - orchard fruit mix of dried fruits, vanilla rice milk and oats soaked overnight, Greek yoghurt added this morning.


Followed by some melon
Lunch: salad with baked tofu followed by some dried fruit & cashew nuts

Dinner:  Salmon fillet with new potatoes, peas and dill sauce


Followed by home-made gluten free, grain free carrot pineapple cake with ambrosia custard


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with honey; strawberry liquorice log

Weight: don't know... I didn't weigh today because I over-indulged in chocolate & dried fruit yesterday and was constipated this morning

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