Saturday, 21 May 2011

Its the end of the world…

… according to this guy.

I’m OK with that right now, on a personal level. I had one – yes, ONE bottle of cider (no, it wasn’t a gallon jug) yesterday and I feel like crap. I think I’ve become allergic to cider, as this is the third time I’ve felt this way after not very much of the stuff. As it was going to be my go-to gf drink I was trying to fight coming to this conclusion, but there it is.

I may have to go teetotal (but I’m not committing to that just yet) as there isn’t anything else I like. I guess that’s probably going to be good news on the calorie front, though annoying on a more social level.

Sigh. Anyone got any Alka Seltzer????

1 comment:

  1. I have been allergic to alcohol for many years now and I must admit that it doesn't bother me however people think I am a recovering alcoholic!!!!