Thursday, 12 May 2011


I just couldn't train this morning, even though I got up at the normal time. Just. Couldn't.
Sorry to be do miserable about everything but I'm feeling in an unachieving funk today. I just keep telling myself 'this too shall pass' but so far I'm unconvinced... some-one lock me in a small gym and pass calorie-counted meals through a cat-flap in the door please....  I don't even feel like the same person who lost the weight (more like the one who hated looking in the mirror and was always 'on a diet' but never actually getting any slimmer) and I have a strong feeling of 'what's the point even trying' going on. Why can't I get my head back into a losing place? I guess I'm going to be one of those statistics about yo yo dieters after all... still fighting it, but it doesn’t / I don't seem worth the effort at the moment. Going for a walk at lunchtime cheered me up a bit, as did managing not to eat any gf home-made flapjack that was brought into the office by a colleague, but I still need some kind of mood boost... Speaking of mood boosts I actually have some chocolate in the fridge at work & didn't eat any of that either, I guess I should feel better about that too...
Food today :

Breakfast:  tropical protein smoothie topped with melted coconut butter - frozen summer fruits instead of strawberries / blackberries


Lunch: salad with hardboiled eggs

Dinner: Spicy Thai chicken soup with added spinach & courgette noodles


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blueberries plus an energy bomb and some dried fruit

No weigh in this morning


  1. Hi Chrissie ... your dinner looks so good! You will get over the funk ... you went for a walk and didn't eat chocolate, pretty good effort for when your not feeling great!

  2. Echo every word Sammy says.

    Don't give yourself too hard a time. These crappy periods happen - I'm sort of in one too - but don't give up, just plug away with the little things and you'll be glad you did.