Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Extra walks…

Another interrupted nights sleep last night followed by the horrible sound of my alarm this morning. I overcame my disgust to ellipticize and did 7 chin ups before breakfast, and felt much more awake as a result!
At lunchtime I decided to go to Clifton to Waitrose for some shopping. I took a different route from usual, through Brandon Hill Park, which is a wildlife reserve as well. It's also apparently ALL hill, and all up hill except at the edges, where there are steep steps or ramps. It was very windy in Bristol, especially in the more exposed heights of the park (my hair looked like Marge Simpson's by the time I got back!) Even with the strong winds it was still very warm and I'm starting to think I might have to cut out the lunchtime walks out of consideration to my colleagues Crying face

To console myself for that horrible thought I took a second walk after work this evening. I headed into town along the embankment, and halfway along found myself pushing through a fallen tree that was completely blocking the railway line. Yes, I could have turned back and added an extra 1/2 – 3/4 mile to my walk detouring round it, but I’m too stubborn for that! I did come back via the fields rather than push through it again though… of yes, then later I got a glimpse of disgusting white teenage male ass as I walked along a path besides which the relevant disgusting teenage male was pissing….  that really made my walk…..

Food today :
Breakfast:  overnight oats with orchard fruit dried fruit mix, vanilla rice milk and oats soaked overnight, soya milk added this morning so I could microwave it because I fancied oatmeal. With cookies & cream whey added, and a topping of seeds


Lunch: salad with tuna and some dried fruit

Dinner:  chickpea spaghetti in a primavera sauce of low fat creme fraiche with sautĂ©ed leek, mushrooms, peas, corn, courgette & asparagus


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with roasted rhubarb; snack pack of sugarsnap peas; lite babybel cheese and some raisins

Weight: don't know... I didn't weigh today

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  1. Ah, the lesser spotted teenage ass! It must be summer at last ;-)

    Have a great day and don't give up that walking! Just grab some super-deodorant and let 'em love the swwet smell of 'sure' or 'impulse' or whatever.