Sunday, 1 May 2011

Beer is a gift of the devil

OK I didn’t have to drink the (non-gf) beer in the first place….

But earlier in the day I’d shared some of the Easter gift we received from my MIL


And then I needed something bitter to offset all the sugar….

Green tea wasn’t cutting it…

Beer did the trick. Well, the second one did anyway.

Then M decided he fancied pizza for dinner.

Beer said – “you’ve already had some gluten today. You’ve already not dieted today. Why not have a little pizza yourself?”

Domino’s Pizza website agreed…

Food today:

Breakfast: Tropical breakfast smoothie in a bowl, topped with a crumbled coconut biscuit


Lunch: Thai chicken soup with spinach bread spread with goats cheese


Dinner: Personal Pepperoni Passion pizza (with added green pepper & extra onion – sorry, Biz, if you’re reading this….)


Snacks: 9 bar; Hotel Chocolat Dipping Adventure

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