Thursday, 26 May 2011

And its my weekend now

Depressed by my weigh in today AGAIN.... I'm wobbling between 149 - 150 lbs these days and today is a 150 day. I confess that I think this may have to do with a recent taste for unblogged lattes, (skinny, but still...) smoothies and milkshakes... so I'm pledging to go back to black coffee and 0 calorie drinks now. As a jump start on that, I managed to leave my purse in Wales this morning, so had neither cash nor credit cards, a scarily precarious feeling that I will be in no hurry to repeat...
This morning I got up early for a bathroom visit than lay flat on the floor for 40 minutes (I get dramatic when I have a bad weigh in ;-) ) trying to talk myself into / out of training... the tiny bright light being that I did eventually bore myself into deciding to get on the walker, so at least I didn't give up on that..
I did however abandon all thoughts of walking at lunchtime, between strong winds, blisters & a lack of spending money! Sadly the day seems a lot longer and less interesting when I don't walk at lunchtime :-(
Food today :
Breakfast:  gf toast with jam & one scrambled egg with dry fried spinach, mushrooms & onion


Lunch: salad with new potatoes, hard boiled egg & grilled tofu
Dinner:  Curried home-made gf beef burger with salad & squash chips (fell apart hugely – mashed turnip is not as good a filler as oatmeal)


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blackberries; half a snack pack of carrot batons and (horrible) reduced fat houmous; mini babybel lite * 2
Weight: 150lbs

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  1. It's nice to see a fellow gluten freer (not sure if that's a word) It's hard to get motivated to work out when you don't see any progress from the work you put in already. I would do 5-6 days a week at the gym with not much of a result.. until recently when I switched around the foods I was eating and started losing weight effortlessly. Now I work out when I feel like it and I do what I enjoy.. I have fun doing it. It's all in the food we eat.. you can kill yourself at the gym but if you aren't eating the right foods, you don't see much progress. I wish you lots of luck!