Monday, 16 May 2011


Pissed off and rebellious today. I felt dodgy all weekend - at one point I felt like falling asleep while on a walk into town - so now I feel like I didn't really have a weekend at all, and I'm smack in the middle of a ridiculous depressive phase that has me wishing for a horrible fate for myself. Apart from that, everything's exactly the same as usual - didn't train this morning, probably not losing weight, kept resorting to eating sugary crap all weekend for a swift energy boost, still feeling rubbish today so had a minor meltdown in my lunch break and ate more crap... sigh.
Thanks Sammy & Deniz for your support, it did help even if my moaning doesn't prove it...XXX

I've decided I need a happy mood-boosting playlist for my Walkman at these times... any suggestions? I know virtually nothing about music as I’m such an old bag  so any suggestions welcomed with thanks...

Ignoring the weekend’s food...

Food today :
Breakfast:  Smoothie topped with a Passion fruit


Lunch: ham salad. Flapjack. Huge gf oatmeal-raisin cookie. Some kind of weird yet lovely chocolate truffle thing

Dinner: Salad with cold potatoes and a mixture of meats

Snacks: toasted teacake (full of gluten) lemon, honey & ginger smoothie, fruit roll ups

No weigh in this morning


  1. Boy, do I understand the pissed off mood! Me, too. Oh, well, this too shall pass, right? Onward and upward.

    Keep the faith.

  2. Isn't it a shock when you discover you are not perfect just human and fully entitled to have a pissed off day. Don't beat yourself up just relax and go with it tomorrow is another day and a fresh start.
    As for up beat music you might like to try some Beach Boys stuff....I am an old fart so it is 60's music...