Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A post

A weekend of too much housework, too much of the wrong foods, and definitely too much rain has not put me in the best mood today. Sunday night we actually got pizza because I was feeling sick of the sight of my own kitchen after lots of scrubbing (don't ask ;-) ); my stomach did not appreciate that much and decided to show it, so that won't be happening again...
I did make it to the gym today but once again only managed the elliptical for 40 minutes. I'm very disappointed by the way I've dropped the ball on my intention to include resistance work, so I'm trying again to come up with a sustainable plan for fitting it in to my life. I'm sure I'll tell you what I'm planning and before you've finished thinking 'heard that before' I'll have slipped again... ooops, way to think positive there...

I went out at lunchtime, it was quite pleasant but not too warm thankfully. I just dashed up to Waitrose for some bits and pieces, nothing too energetic!

Food today :
Breakfast: overnight oats soaked in soy milk, orange juice with raisins & chopped toasted hazelnuts. No photo because I took it to work in a plastic pot – and they aren’t that photogenic at the best of times!

Lunch: salad with grilled tofu

Dinner: pineapple pork with stir fry veg & noodles. I used a bottled sauce that proved to be rubbish, so this wasn’t great – just about edible


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with pumpkin butter; smoothie of oj & whey; a little dried fruit & a bottle of protein water

Thursday, 26 May 2011

And its my weekend now

Depressed by my weigh in today AGAIN.... I'm wobbling between 149 - 150 lbs these days and today is a 150 day. I confess that I think this may have to do with a recent taste for unblogged lattes, (skinny, but still...) smoothies and milkshakes... so I'm pledging to go back to black coffee and 0 calorie drinks now. As a jump start on that, I managed to leave my purse in Wales this morning, so had neither cash nor credit cards, a scarily precarious feeling that I will be in no hurry to repeat...
This morning I got up early for a bathroom visit than lay flat on the floor for 40 minutes (I get dramatic when I have a bad weigh in ;-) ) trying to talk myself into / out of training... the tiny bright light being that I did eventually bore myself into deciding to get on the walker, so at least I didn't give up on that..
I did however abandon all thoughts of walking at lunchtime, between strong winds, blisters & a lack of spending money! Sadly the day seems a lot longer and less interesting when I don't walk at lunchtime :-(
Food today :
Breakfast:  gf toast with jam & one scrambled egg with dry fried spinach, mushrooms & onion


Lunch: salad with new potatoes, hard boiled egg & grilled tofu
Dinner:  Curried home-made gf beef burger with salad & squash chips (fell apart hugely – mashed turnip is not as good a filler as oatmeal)


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blackberries; half a snack pack of carrot batons and (horrible) reduced fat houmous; mini babybel lite * 2
Weight: 150lbs

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Wednesday walking… again

I slept much better last night apart from waking up irrevocably at 4am. I got up early and trained, but only ellipticizing because I was still tired. I decided to try to add an afternoon resistance session as well - and to make that more likely, decided to have a protein shake just before leaving work in the hope I wouldn't be really hungry when I got home that way. Unfortunately my lunch had very little sticking power so I had the shake earlier than planned & was still hungry before I even left the office... I like doing something in the evening as well as the morning if only because it leaves less time for snacking, but as I always tend to be very hungry after work its hard to motivate myself to do anything more than walk - which I can do straight after eating, so long as I don't race off at a fast enough pace to cause nausea. So my after-work resistance session became an after-dinner walk again... I went over the fields rather than along the embankment, and the only wild life I saw had 4 legs and fur, or 2 legs and feathers!!!

Food today :
Breakfast:  gf waffle with Greek yoghurt, blackberries & strawberries


Lunch: salad with smoked salmon and some wine gums

Dinner:  rump steak stir fried with vegetables & shirataki noodles


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with roasted rhubarb; protein shake/protein latte - cookies & cream whey with iced decaf coffee

Weight: don't know... I didn't weigh today

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Extra walks…

Another interrupted nights sleep last night followed by the horrible sound of my alarm this morning. I overcame my disgust to ellipticize and did 7 chin ups before breakfast, and felt much more awake as a result!
At lunchtime I decided to go to Clifton to Waitrose for some shopping. I took a different route from usual, through Brandon Hill Park, which is a wildlife reserve as well. It's also apparently ALL hill, and all up hill except at the edges, where there are steep steps or ramps. It was very windy in Bristol, especially in the more exposed heights of the park (my hair looked like Marge Simpson's by the time I got back!) Even with the strong winds it was still very warm and I'm starting to think I might have to cut out the lunchtime walks out of consideration to my colleagues Crying face

To console myself for that horrible thought I took a second walk after work this evening. I headed into town along the embankment, and halfway along found myself pushing through a fallen tree that was completely blocking the railway line. Yes, I could have turned back and added an extra 1/2 – 3/4 mile to my walk detouring round it, but I’m too stubborn for that! I did come back via the fields rather than push through it again though… of yes, then later I got a glimpse of disgusting white teenage male ass as I walked along a path besides which the relevant disgusting teenage male was pissing….  that really made my walk…..

Food today :
Breakfast:  overnight oats with orchard fruit dried fruit mix, vanilla rice milk and oats soaked overnight, soya milk added this morning so I could microwave it because I fancied oatmeal. With cookies & cream whey added, and a topping of seeds


Lunch: salad with tuna and some dried fruit

Dinner:  chickpea spaghetti in a primavera sauce of low fat creme fraiche with sautéed leek, mushrooms, peas, corn, courgette & asparagus


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with roasted rhubarb; snack pack of sugarsnap peas; lite babybel cheese and some raisins

Weight: don't know... I didn't weigh today

Monday, 23 May 2011

Monday again

Yesterday was declared a rest day because on Saturday after walking into town I took to my bed for most of the afternoon with my weird reaction to Friday nights cider. My meals were healthy yesterday but I ate a lot of extra nibbles, I think because I was frustrated with myself. I hate missing weekend walks when I'm working because it seems like such a waste - even when, like yesterday, the weather is dodgy (showers, very cold strong winds, and much cooler than its been)
This morning I decided not to have my normal scheduled rest day as a result, and ellipticized for 40 mins - with increased resistance too. I felt fantastic afterwards, even without time for any resistance work.
Lunchtime I did get a walk but it was all business as I'd sold one of M's old PS3 games on the internet and had to waste my time queuing at the post office to send it to its new home.
This evening my Mum & A came over and we went to Chepstow for dinner.

Weekend food in pictures:




Food today :
Breakfast:  overnight oats - bob's red mill gf oats just appeared in my local Waitrose! - orchard fruit mix of dried fruits, vanilla rice milk and oats soaked overnight, Greek yoghurt added this morning.


Followed by some melon
Lunch: salad with baked tofu followed by some dried fruit & cashew nuts

Dinner:  Salmon fillet with new potatoes, peas and dill sauce


Followed by home-made gluten free, grain free carrot pineapple cake with ambrosia custard


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with honey; strawberry liquorice log

Weight: don't know... I didn't weigh today because I over-indulged in chocolate & dried fruit yesterday and was constipated this morning

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Its the end of the world…

… according to this guy.

I’m OK with that right now, on a personal level. I had one – yes, ONE bottle of cider (no, it wasn’t a gallon jug) yesterday and I feel like crap. I think I’ve become allergic to cider, as this is the third time I’ve felt this way after not very much of the stuff. As it was going to be my go-to gf drink I was trying to fight coming to this conclusion, but there it is.

I may have to go teetotal (but I’m not committing to that just yet) as there isn’t anything else I like. I guess that’s probably going to be good news on the calorie front, though annoying on a more social level.

Sigh. Anyone got any Alka Seltzer????

Friday, 20 May 2011

Friday at last

Still only managing to ellipticize in the mornings, but I do feel good about maintaining any momentum in the gym at all given the lack of direction and purpose I'm suffering from.
I also walked at lunchtime, but again not very energetically. I had some grocery shopping to do and followed that with buying a couple of fleeces ready for autumn (not wishing the summer away, but the shop had a sale on making the two together less than the normal price for one), so although I was out for the same length of time as usual less of it was spent on the usual route march through Bristol!
Food today :
Breakfast:  scrambled eggs on gf toast with dry fried mushrooms & spinach


Lunch: salad with baked tofu followed by a little dried fruit
Dinner:  sesame salmon with stir fried vegetables


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blueberries; smoothie - blueberry, blackcurrant & beetroot flavour

Weight: don't know... like I was going to risk weighing myself after yesterday's sugar, gluten, salt-fest!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Really Thursday this time

Woken by my alarm this morning, after a disturbed nights sleep so I had no energy to speak of. I still forced myself onto the elliptical, and still got sweaty, but I actually had to reduce the resistance twice during my 40 minutes, so that was disappointing. I guess I then woke up a bit as I managed 7 chin ups afterwards, but didn't have time for any other resistance work.
No shoulder pain, even when hefting my huge body up in the air, but that's probably not due to the bracelet as apparently it can take a couple of weeks - couple of months to have an effect, and I wasn't having daily pain anyway.
At lunchtime my interrupted sleep hit me... I tried to walk but that turned into sitting in the sun reading my kindle. Then I pigged out at lunch as well... I should have had a salad but instead I had salmon, egg, chips & peas followed by a gluten-ous brownie - and I'd already sampled a non-gf marmalade cake baked by a colleague. I'm coming to the conclusion that eating non-gf sweet stuff has become a binge trigger for me - and being tired is obviously no help there. I definitely need to avoid the gluten baking a lot more strictly, no more experimentation with reintroducing gluten unless the item looks exceptional (to be fair the marmalade cake did, the brownie not so much!)
So, its a learning experience... if people bring cakes to the office, only try if at least 3 people swoon on tasting ;-). Oh yeah, and get more sleep - somehow...

Food today :
Breakfast:  giant smoothie topped with passionfruit and a sprinkling of mixed seeds


Lunch: see above...


Dinner:  salad with tofu and roasted vegetables


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blueberries & honey; a raw chocolate bar, small slice of marmalade cake (and it was small)
Weight: don't know

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Well, hugely depressing weigh in this morning but I'm trying not to let it derail me as I'm very sure its not a real weight gain. I've been off the wagon, true, but not THAT far off...
I suddenly felt starving at about 10:30 this morning. I tried to convince myself that it wasn't an emergency but didn't really believe myself - I think it was boredom really. After fighting it for about half an hour. I went to the canteen to decide if I wanted something to eat, but managed to hold myself back... I did buy some extra salad to add to the one I brought from home, but compared to what I could have had, it was definitely the lesser evil - and I managed to wait till my usual lunch time to eat it as well, so yay me! Hey, I know that sounds pathetic but these days even a tiny victory needs to be celebrated...
I went for a short walk at lunchtime and got rained on :-( Of course it stopped virtually the very minute I got back to the office...

Lots of housework this evening. I hate hate hate housework…. so I’m just going to whisper that I do like it when the house is cleaner and tidier (but don’t hold me to it) and it does give me the titchiest tiniest hint of gratification…

I might have complained a lot about aching joints lately, specifically my shoulder, and how it keeps stopping me from doing resistance work. After talking about it to my father the other night I decided to try a bio-magnetic bracelet for it. I don’t know how convinced I am by the idea, but he reckons its helped him with some of his pain so I decided to try it. I ordered the bracelet after I got home on Monday and it came today – lets hope it works… you know I’ll tell you about it whether you like it or not!!!

Food today :
Breakfast:  gf waffle from the freezer topped with Greek yoghurt & summer fruits - defrosted overnight & heated gently this morning. Also an iced coffee mixed with cookies & cream whey


Lunch: salad with prawns & peppers, topped with a small amount of potato salad, grated carrots, jalapeno pepper slices, beetroot and literally a couple of beans & sweetcorn kernels

Dinner: stir fried veggies with a small piece of rump steak


Snacks: dried pineapple slices; a pack of melon chunks; hemp 9 bar
Weight: 151.1lbs

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Hi there

Feeling a little better today! In all my whittering yesterday I forgot to mention that I was visiting my Dad after work; we had a good chat and I was nicely distracted from my own crap, so that probably helped!
This morning I was determined to train but my left shoulder was bothering me again so I stuck with the elliptical apart from 3 pull ups just to test the shoulder while watching an episode of Supernatural. I can't say it got my heart rate as high as I'd like, but sweating is always good!
Unless you're about to walk into an office without showers after a good fast walk at lunchtime I guess... it was warmer than I realised when I went racing up the hill to Clifton Village where I managed to find a new (very expensive) brand of almond butter to try - blanched almond butter. I haven't tried it yet and I do prefer nuts with their skins, but I don't really love the other types of almond butter I've found in the UK so I figured it was worth a try
Food today :
Breakfast:  Smoothie topped with the flesh of a Passion fruit


Lunch: Thai chicken soup (home-made)

Dinner: baked sweet potato (baked in my mini slow cooker) filled by weight watchers baked beans and served with a pack of micro-steamed veggies. I know, I know, but I didn’t feel like cooking….


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blueberries; a pack of edamame beans; dried fruit

No weigh in this morning

Monday, 16 May 2011


Pissed off and rebellious today. I felt dodgy all weekend - at one point I felt like falling asleep while on a walk into town - so now I feel like I didn't really have a weekend at all, and I'm smack in the middle of a ridiculous depressive phase that has me wishing for a horrible fate for myself. Apart from that, everything's exactly the same as usual - didn't train this morning, probably not losing weight, kept resorting to eating sugary crap all weekend for a swift energy boost, still feeling rubbish today so had a minor meltdown in my lunch break and ate more crap... sigh.
Thanks Sammy & Deniz for your support, it did help even if my moaning doesn't prove it...XXX

I've decided I need a happy mood-boosting playlist for my Walkman at these times... any suggestions? I know virtually nothing about music as I’m such an old bag  so any suggestions welcomed with thanks...

Ignoring the weekend’s food...

Food today :
Breakfast:  Smoothie topped with a Passion fruit


Lunch: ham salad. Flapjack. Huge gf oatmeal-raisin cookie. Some kind of weird yet lovely chocolate truffle thing

Dinner: Salad with cold potatoes and a mixture of meats

Snacks: toasted teacake (full of gluten) lemon, honey & ginger smoothie, fruit roll ups

No weigh in this morning

Thursday, 12 May 2011


I just couldn't train this morning, even though I got up at the normal time. Just. Couldn't.
Sorry to be do miserable about everything but I'm feeling in an unachieving funk today. I just keep telling myself 'this too shall pass' but so far I'm unconvinced... some-one lock me in a small gym and pass calorie-counted meals through a cat-flap in the door please....  I don't even feel like the same person who lost the weight (more like the one who hated looking in the mirror and was always 'on a diet' but never actually getting any slimmer) and I have a strong feeling of 'what's the point even trying' going on. Why can't I get my head back into a losing place? I guess I'm going to be one of those statistics about yo yo dieters after all... still fighting it, but it doesn’t / I don't seem worth the effort at the moment. Going for a walk at lunchtime cheered me up a bit, as did managing not to eat any gf home-made flapjack that was brought into the office by a colleague, but I still need some kind of mood boost... Speaking of mood boosts I actually have some chocolate in the fridge at work & didn't eat any of that either, I guess I should feel better about that too...
Food today :

Breakfast:  tropical protein smoothie topped with melted coconut butter - frozen summer fruits instead of strawberries / blackberries


Lunch: salad with hardboiled eggs

Dinner: Spicy Thai chicken soup with added spinach & courgette noodles


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blueberries plus an energy bomb and some dried fruit

No weigh in this morning

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Speedy Wednesday

Training today was quite good- some stretches (probably not enough) followed by a resistance circuit using kettle bells, a very few chin ups and a few press ups, then the walker for a HIIT program - and I upped the resistance on the machine.
At lunchtime I went for a walk to a Bristol health store. I love it but its just too far to walk in a lunch break so I think I'll have to focus on mail order options instead. Last night I baked some gluten free ginger cookies (it says use arrowroot so I used all I had, then added all the arrowroot I had, and finally finished up adding 30g of cornflour as well) and ran out of arrowroot, tapioca starch and honey - so I wanted to try to stock up.
I focused on walking there & back as quickly as possible without worrying as much about getting sweaty (luckily it was a bit cooler today). I averaged just under 4 mph, not bad when I started out climbing a really steep hill! I managed to get some arrowroot but the honey was out of this world expensive so I decided to get it at the supermarket, and there wasn't any tapioca flour so it was a less than 100% successful trip - and I put all my shopping into my (ridiculously large) handbag where the arrowroot proceeded to leak all over everything... Grrrrrr…

To top it all off I was invited to a meeting at lunchtime than ran on past my usual leaving time. I hate meetings at the best of times, and home time isn’t the best of times for a meeting… ah well, I was only half an hour late leaving the office in the end.

Food today :
Breakfast:  tropical protein smoothie topped with melted coconut butter - I have been using strawberries but ran out yesterday, so used blackberries instead for a pleasant change. Topped with melted coconut butter that unfortunately got over-melted and lets call it ‘toasted’ in the microwave… tasted no different to me anyway


Lunch: salad with soya beans & baked reggae reggae tofu

Dinner: Chicken style quorn pieces (they're gluten free, unlike the mince!) with a colourful explosion of stir fried veg


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blackberries and a mini babybel, plus an energy ball and some chocolate milk bought in the health food shop
No weigh in this morning

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Still raining…

I did train today - a bit of warming up with stretches followed by a Tabata program of kettlebell swings, a very few chin ups and a few press ups, then half an hour on the walker. I can't say I felt particularly strong, but I was glad to get something done and not just cardio!
At lunchtime I went for a walk primarily to try to win 85 million on the Euromillions lottery tonight. The recent long weekends have convinced me I'm better suited to the life of an idle (not physically of course) multimillionaire than a working bod.
Wish me luck ;-D
There had been bright sunshine all morning, but as I left for my walk it got really overcast and a few drops of rain landed on my head... luckily it then brightened back up for the remainder of my walk!
Food today :
Breakfast:  tropical protein smoothie topped with melted coconut butter


Lunch: I brought a salad with me but switched it for a small portion of canteen lentil & bacon soup. I really enjoyed it but realised afterwards, after drinking 500ml of water in about 3 mouthfuls that it was far too salty really

Dinner: vegetable socca pizza with salad followed by grain free chocolate banana cream pie


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blueberries  + more fruit and a mini babybel plus a small pack of Rowntrees Randoms...
No weigh in this morning

Monday, 9 May 2011

Monday moaning

No training this morning and no walk at lunchtime. I'm trying to firm up the rest day thing as I really hate taking them but will need them once I manage to get to grips with the harder workouts that I (still) plan to incorporate into my life. Unfortunately on days when I don’t train I have a tendency to pick at food…. see below…

Housework in the evening, deliberately left until tonight because Mum & her OH are visiting tomorrow evening and I like it to be done as close as possible to a visit so I can't drop / spill anything afterwards ;-)

Food today :
Breakfast: my current favourite tropical protein smoothie


Lunch: salad with soya beans & a hard boiled egg

Dinner: soya mince Bolognese with Courgette pasta & salad


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blackberries and protein water + more fruit and a mini babybel. And some chocolate covered raisins, some fruit loaf (as I was throwing it away I found myself nibbling round the edges), some almond butter and a couple of mini almond flour muffins I made for my my Mum tomorrow… all this spread over several hours in the intervals of housework, so I didn’t feel a crazed binge going on, but more a mindless grazing.

No weigh in this morning – and same will go for tomorrow!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Showery Sunday

OK, now its personal…. set off for a walk for this morning in sunshine, and right before I got there… rain. Hard. But brief. Then I drove into Chepstow  for some groceries, and as soon as I arrived and got out of the sky…. more rain! The rain-hating Chrissie is back, and I want much more sunshine!

Actually it has been sunny this afternoon. I didn’t really enjoy it as I was busy lying on my Yantra mat with backache watching Game of Thrones and Fringe.

Food today:

Breakfast: tropical smoothie in a bowl


Lunch: Salad with feta cheese and soya beans


Dinner: Fake Nando’s – Halloumi cheese and portobello mushroom marinated in garlic peri peri sauce served in a grain free roll (very good btw) with salad and butternut squash chips. Good crumb for a GF roll, don’t you think?


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blackberry sauce; dried fruit and a little peanut butter

Weight: 149.1lbs

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Wet weekend

Well, we got the rain I was hoping for earlier in the week… I could have done without it starting as I tramped across a field towards town, when I had no time to go home because I was heading for an appointment to get my hair trimmed. I could have done without the thunder (only 2 thunderclaps, but that’s enough when you’re in the middle of nowhere, right?). Mostly I could have done without reaching town to discover that my hairdresser seems to have gone bust (ominous note from the landlord on the window about reclaiming the property and asserting his right to the equipment etc.) so I did it all to end up still having over-grown hair, plus the need to search for another hairdresser…

On the way home I used my umbrella (which was buried at the bottom of my rucksack on the way out) and kind of almost sorta enjoyed walking in the rain. There were fewer people around, and the sound of the rain drops pattering onto polyester brolly was quite nice once it wasn’t getting my glasses wet…

When I got back I was quite hungry and it was too early for lunch, so I did some baking, knocking up a loaf of grain free bread and a set of grain free rolls from a new-to-me gf site I found during the week. I want to try some sweet baking from there too, maybe tomorrow, as there are some very appealing biscuits and cakes on there. I haven’t tried the bread yet, but it looks hopeful, don’t you think? (The loaf actually looked better before it was baked but I think I over-filled the loaf pan so some spilled over the edge, leaving it a bit flat looking)


Food today:

Breakfast: Tropical protein smoothie-in-a-bowl. I know it looks somewhat bland, but it was yummy


Lunch: Salad with feta cheese, eggs and sprouted pulses


Dinner: Tofu marinated in Nando’s garlic peri peri sauce then baked, with home-made oven squash chips, lightly roasted peppers and asparagus, and salad


Snacks: A mini bag of chocolate M & Ms, a Gingerbread Nak’d bar and some Greek yoghurt with blackberries, eaten as always straight from the tub because I’m classy Open-mouthed smile and I looove extra washing up


Weight: 148.5lbs (10st 8.5lbs – I’m switching to recording it in pounds because that way I find it slightly harder to make an emotional connection to the number Flirt male)

Friday, 6 May 2011

TGI Friday

Cardio morning again today, I meant to do some resistance stuff but was (easily) dissuaded by shoulder pain for no apparent reason. I did however work very hard on the elliptical which was reflected in my heart rate for a change, so that was quite satisfying! Any way, doing something is better than doing nothing, right? Well, I think it is anyway...
I was too busy to go for a walk at lunchtime and really felt the loss all afternoon - so I went for a walk into town after work instead. I don't know why but I felt really uncomfortable after lunch - physically I mean, bloated and yet with cravings as well. I don't have a clue what that was about.  Hopefully it was a one off. I did have a little Thousand Island dressing on my salad without thinking about whether it was gf or not, but I don't think I had enough for that much of an effect. Luckily the cravings side of my discomfort was relatively easy to suppress with a little internal conversation, but the bloating had me wanting to rip my bra off (I resisted that too ;-))
Food today :
Breakfast: 2 soft poached eggs with 2 small slices of home-made gf not-rye bread


Lunch: still couldn't face the annoying business of weighing lettuce etc. last night so I made a chicken salad with slow cooked chicken, mayo, Greek yoghurt, celery, red onion & Dijon mustard and bought a green salad to go with it.
Dinner: Chicken veg stir fry with shirataki noodles and peanut sauce


Snacks: Greek yoghurt (full fat because it was all I could find) with fruit and protein water + more fruit

Coming clean... I weighed this morning and was not at all happy... I've decided to revert to keeping accountable by putting it in here, even though I'd rather stay in denial...150 lbs. It's freaking me out a bit to be this far from my happy weight and still making no progress... so much so that I'm getting into unhealthy thoughts - jealousy when I hear some-one's ill and losing weight, thinking about laxatives, boot camps and meal replacement diets...