Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Working Tuesday

Trying to get back to normal today despite my mum & her OH visiting and the 3 of us going out to dinner. I did much better, but still nowhere near perfect….
I've been feeling disgusting all weekend even though I drank very little, I suspect because a) too much sugar was eaten and b) I ate more gluten than at any time since my gf experiment first started - white bread, scotch eggs, birthday cake (M was 40 yesterday) and a beer. I spent the weekend eating masses of low nutrition, high calorie junk, and still felt starving all the time, so much so that on Sunday night, for the first time ever, I had a midnight snack because hunger was actually keeping me awake...
Any way, although I lacked the energy to train this morning I am feeling somewhat more like myself, so hopefully that will last at least long enough to undo the damage of the weekend - keep your fingers crossed for me? I wish I could say that all the over-indulgence had killed the urge to eat sweet stuff, but that would be a lie, as I'm still thinking far too much about chocolate, so its not going to be easy... even though I'm enjoying eating healthier meals again! (note to self - chocolate banana cream pie, however delicious & gf, is not a good idea for breakfast...)
Lunchtime, once again, I went for a walk & shop. The weather today was a bit of a come-down after the weekend (I got what I choose to describe as a tan!) as it was cooler, more overcast and had a very chilly breeze, but at least it was dry. I bought some walking trousers that I hope will act as a compromise between the coolness of shorts or thin trousers and the protectiveness of thick, hot denim when I go walking along the nettle-infested embankment to town.

Food today:
Breakfast:  3 spinach bread 'rolls' spread with goats cheese, 3 rashers of LF Bacon & dry fried mushrooms


Lunch: salad topped with feta cheese & peppers
Dinner: Welsh black rump steak with jacket potato and peas (plus one onion ring before giving the rest to my Mum) Apologies for the flash, it wasn’t my idea but I only had the camera in my phone and don’t know how to turn off the flash.


followed by a bit of strawberry trifle… see? Not perfect.

Snacks: protein water, Greek yoghurt with berries, fruit, bag of Nestle’s Randoms. Not perfect… again. But still, two sweet things widely spread through the day beats day long picking and leaves me feeling fairly in control – at least by comparison to the weekend.

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  1. If I could just say one thing, and I'm almost saying it to myself as much as you, try and forget the "perfect" aspect to eating. I'm not sure I know what perfect even is in my head? All fruit(but not too much,ooh it's just so sugary!!), veg(but potatoes don't count naturally.....100g of sweet potato only),teeny amounts of wholegrains, pulses. No chocolate, no crackers, bla bla" I think I'd go crackers (mmm crackers) if I thought there was never to be another square of Dairy Milk in my life I would actually sit down and cry. Obviously there would be worse things in life, but as of this moment, Dairy Milk is freely available to me in many forms and at every turn. I reject it most of the time and don't eat it all the times I want (which would be a lot truth be told!). The more I tell myself something is "forbidden food" I inevitably give in. I know loads of people can go without any kind of junk but I don't think I'm one of them, or maybe I'm just not willing to undertake the "re-training" of my brain that would be required!

    Having said all that above (Ode to a Dairy Milk) it is amazing how certain food can be so calorie dense yet leave you ravenous. It's all about the balance really - you know it, I know it, it's just putting it into practice seems to be devilish thing!