Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Well…. Wednesday

Today got off to quite a good start - I got up a little earlier than usual, so I decided to warm up with my 15 min beginners yoga dvd then move on to resistance and cardio afterwards. I enjoyed the whole package more than usual (I must admit I generally skimp on the warm up because I find it boring and resent the time it takes)
No lunchtime walk today because I only worked a half day, then rushed home to meet my Mum & her OH for lunch and a bit of gardening shopping before an afternoon appointment. Much more fun than solo stomping around Bristol!

Unfortunately my Mum is a BAD example (or I’m just a bad girl….) I baked some biscuits this afternoon, which I resisted totally, but I also turned a fruit loaf from my freezer into Bread & Butter pudding (soaking it in low fat Ambrosia custard) and as it was too huge for them I had some too – so not only no ‘No Sugar’, but also not gluten free….. ah well, what’s one day? I also had some fudge and some ginger coated in dark chocolate (literally a couple of pieces)

Food today:

Breakfast: almond flour muffins that I made last night, drizzled with softened coconut butter and topped with reduced sugar jam. I used this recipe and added a couple of handfuls of frozen blueberries to the batter. Yum! And though the size of my muffin tin forced me to make smaller muffins than the recipe suggested, they were more filling than I thought they would be.(See before and after drizzling below…) I made 6, and had 2 for breakfast


Lunch: Gammon steak with grilled pineapple & chips, peas & salad


Dinner: broccoli- 3 cheese soup



Snacks: fruit, protein smoothie, roast chicken, protein water

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  1. Ha, I resent warm up time on DVDs as well, particularly in the morning, get on with it sez I! Not so hot on cooldowns as well which is very bad beause I'm sure it doesn't do me any good longterm to skip out on them.