Sunday, 24 April 2011

Well, hi there!

Sorry I disappeared off for a few days again there. How is your Easter holiday going?

I couldn’t think of anything to say on Thursday, and then the same on Friday, and I can’t say that I have much that’s more interesting today, but I was missing you so I thought I’d stop by anyway.  The BBQ yesterday went really well, but because I was the one grilling for 4, I didn’t get any photos of the food, so you’ll just have to picture it mentally, OK?

Anyway, I’ll start on Thursday. Because it was a Bank Holiday weekend, and due to be a hot one, I figured that the roads would be hell on earth Thursday afternoon, and took a half day to beat the rush. Even heading for home at 12 I saw quite a few caravans heading towards Wales and Dorset / Cornwall, so I think I made the right choice – plus it gave me the chance for an extra walk into town in the sunshine. Its was so warm I actually felt slightly dehydrated when I got there, even though it only took about 35 minutes for the walk. First time I ever picked up a drink while shopping and drank half before paying for it!

Friday: Baking cookies, making the best chocolate banana cream pie I ever had (this recipe), walking into town, driving all over Monmouthshire stocking up and booze and party food…

Saturday: Housework first thing, loads of food and too much booze (and I mixed GF beer, normal beer and cider – big mistake, as I ended up feeling a bit nauseous). A lovely walk with my FiL, we just went into town along the embankment, but stopped for some cider at the pub on the way back. And then my ‘friend’ the young horse I showed you a week or two ago bit my arm while we were chatting on the way back, so I’m not talking to him now…. Baring teeth smileI think he was pissed because I didn’t have any carrots this time!

Food Thursday:

Breakfast: Asparagus and baked sweet potato topped with (slightly overcooked) poached eggs


Lunch: Salad with cheese, chicken etc

Dinner: Salmon encrusted with sesame seeds, roasted with the vegetables



Breakfast: Made this smoothie with baked sweet potato added in – not a fan, I must have used too much sweet potato and that’s all I could taste


Lunch: Yep, chicken salad… again


Dinner: And chicken stir fry (cluck cluck cluck)



Breakfast: The dark green mess is sautéed spinach, the rest seems self explanatory…


Lunch: Tons of animal protein. I like to cook a mixture when I BBQ so it feels likes its worth lighting the fire and messing with charcoal. I must admit I expected to have leftovers, but every last scrap was eaten (not the salad, just the meat!!!)

I did: Sausages (gourmet & GF) – I had 2 in the end

Burgers: Gourmet for everyone else, gf for me, in rolls, again mine was GF

Skewers of chicken in Honey BBQ sauce (Budweisers brand)

Skewers of rump steak, cubed but not marinated

Lamb mince-mint kebabs from Tesco

Pork chops

And salad, with coleslaw etc

Dinner: Buffet with cold meats, cheeses, cookies, banana cream pie (so good I’d eat it even if I wasn’t eating GF), vegetable crisps and so on and so on… Here’s the banana chocolate cream pie though nothing else got snapped…


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Snacks: Masses of chocolate eaten throughout the day


Breakfast: Half a scotch egg (not GF, but I couldn’t help myself), chocolate, and other crap. (Some of it may have looked a lot like the slice of pie above….)I’m a little hung-over and craving garbage this morning

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