Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Wednesday walks

I didn't train this morning either, my shoulder is a lot better today (painful rather excruciating) so I'm hoping to start back tomorrow. If necessary I'll settle for an elliptical session to ease back into it, but I miss doing something, whatever it may be.
I started experimenting with a new gadget yesterday... a Yantra mat, for acupressure at home. It's basically a smallish mat covered with sharp plastic points arranged in florets; you lie on it for an effect similar to a 'bed of nails' and the acupressure effect is supposed to be good for improving sleep & helping with various aches and pains. It takes some getting used to, and so far I can't stay on it very long, but I'm going to stick with it - why not, as all I have to do is lie down? I don't know if it helped my shoulder yesterday, but it is better today, and I don't know if I slept better last night because I was so tired after my bad night on Monday, but I guess time will tell...
At lunchtime I went for a walk & shopping trip. I really enjoyed it! Not because I did anything special - I certainly didn't, in fact I was mostly in the hideous mess that is Broadmead - but just because it was sunny & warm and I didn't buy anything that left me with a guilty conscience!

This evening the weather was still so lovely that I decided to go for another walk after dinner. It was beautiful! I was dumb – I meant to go shopping, but reached town before realising I’d brought the wrong rucksack with me, and didn’t have any money. Still, not having to carry a heavy bag made the walk less exercise-y and more relaxing, and the sun was glorious, so who cares? Plus when I’m walking my back doesn’t ache, and that I really like!

Food today:

Breakfast: Spinach bread 'roll' stuffed with hard boiled egg, 1 rashers LF bacon, and a little deli roast chicken (because there was only 1 rasher of bacon)


Lunch: vegetable soup with added pork meatballs left over from Monday night

Dinner: slow cooked peanut butter chicken with veg noodles & asparagus


Snacks: fruit, protein water, summer fruit smoothie made with a chunk of cucumber, half an avocado & several handfuls of spinach and kara coconut milk - practically a liquid salad! Strangely the strongest flavour I could detect was the cucumber, which I always think of as pretty much flavourless, so that was surprising

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