Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Well, yesterday's dinner ended very balanced - cold chicken, dried fruit & raw Walnuts...
And this mornings weigh-in was pretty horrific... but as I'm aware of how much salt I added to my lunchtime chips yesterday, that was entirely expected!
This morning I managed to do a short resistance circuit followed by an interval program on the elliptical, so I'm feeling pretty good at the moment, despite the best efforts of the bathroom scales...
Lovely sunny walk at lunchtime as well, to add to the positive feelings! In fact, its 3 for 3 since I even have quite an interesting assignment in work to get my brain ticking over!

Food today:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, LF bacon & dry fried mushrooms and onions


Lunch: chicken veg soup

Dinner: grilled salmon served with grilled vegetables


Snacks: fruit, small protein smoothie, Greek yoghurt with honey (I forgot about the no sugar thing till it was too late - ah well, no urge to binge anyway) and some cold chicken breast

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