Friday, 1 April 2011


The basic resistance and stretching continued today but I'm officially bored already. I got a new book that I hope will help - Your body is your gym, by a guy who uses bodyweight exercises to train Special Ops specialists, so I'll have to look for a suitable training program in there to finally give me the structure I clearly need! He says it takes just 2 hrs. a week to build strength and muscle (within gender parameters) and I spend way more than that surviving boredom so I should be able to cope! I followed the resistance stuff with 25 minutes of elliptical intervals.
At lunchtime I made the mistake of going to the market I've mentioned before, and triggered a binge for lunch... on top of the big piggy breakfast, I must be about 3 times my calories and if I'm honest I can't even say I enjoyed it that much at the time, so I now feel very silly...

Food today:

Breakfast: gf muesli with blackberries & strawberries. But I was so starving when I got work I had to have another (cooked) breakfast - 2 rashers of Bacon, some fried potatoes, mushrooms and an egg. What a pig... after that lot I was of course absolutely stuffed...

Lunch: a big piece of gf, dairy free polenta cake; a smoothie, a bounty and a bag of crisps. Bleeurgh. All because I decided to cut out sugar from Monday and then had to have just one last......

Dinner: gf bean burger with salad & Butternut squash chips


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blackberries, more fruit, see above

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