Monday, 11 April 2011

Monday again

Rest day today, so no resistance / cardio machine training this morning
I did do a 15 minute beginners yoga DVD yesterday afternoon for the first time in months. I was so stiff and inflexible I realised the need to keep it up a bit, even if I just use it as a warm-up before doing more intensive training. I also went for a walk, stopping off on the way back to bribe my new equine friends to like me better with carrots and stroking ;-)

Food yesterday:
Breakfast: onions & peppers slowly stewed in tinned tomatoes with garlic, in which I poached a couple of eggs. I ate a tiny strip of bbq’d rump steak and an equally tiny lamb leg fillet with it.


Lunch: chicken veg soup with spinach added


Dinner: stir fried veggies & veg noodles with strips of turkey breast steak flavoured with 5 spice powder, garlic & ginger


Snacks: a protein smoothie, some ham, a gingerbread Nak'd bar & some nuts

Food today:

Breakfast: spinach bread 'rolls' with LF bacon & a grilled portobello mushroom, followed by full fat Greek yoghurt & fruit after I arrived at work


Lunch: oops... bit of a glitch... Thai chicken soup - chicken thighs and vegetables cooked in coconut milk, chicken stock & Thai yellow curry paste. Plus a smoothie, some nuts, a small portion of chips/fries, and a Bounty. Ah well, I'm back on the wagon now... and reinstating the sugar avoidance rule guideline. My only excuse is that I'm so tired I could use a slap in the face with a wet kipper just to wake me up...

Dinner: Nothing so far….

Snacks: fruit, protein water, roast chicken breast

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