Thursday, 14 April 2011

Is it the weekend yet?

Started this morning with yoga - well, my beginners dvd, which is only loosely connected to yoga - followed by 35mins on the stationary bike while watching an episode of Supernatural.
My lunchtime walk to do some shopping lacked a certain something... now what was it? Oh yes... sunshine & warmth, that was it. I guess summer has been and gone as today has been overcast, dull and grey. Yesterday evening was worse though, freezing cold and wet as well so I suppose I shouldn't complain...

It's now been nearly two weeks since self-loathing & disgust led to me abandoning food tracking (except on here obviously) and I'm now just about feeling ready to start recording my intake properly, I think...

Food today:

Breakfast: eggs scrambled with ham & mushrooms with sautéed spinach, apparently eaten at the bottom of a mine shaft….


Lunch: cream of chicken soup from the canteen

Dinner: vegetable noodles & more veg, stir fried with prawns


Snacks: fruit, protein smoothie, roast chicken, another smoothie

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  1. It was totally grim would make such a difference to your mood really :/