Tuesday, 5 April 2011

I'm a crumbling old lady...

No training again this morning due to agonizing stabbing pain in my left shoulder / upper back. I know its a bad idea to train when in pain, but the timing sucks because I felt I was building some momentum and I don't want to lose it - but I was awake half the night unable to find a comfortable position to sleep in, so I don't want to risk making things worse.
I did go for a walk though, as I was in danger of nodding off without that essential fresh air, and that helped me feel a bit more myself.
This morning one of my colleagues brought in some cakes... she knows about the gluten free thing and actually made a flapjack with gf oats... you might think that this is just an excuse to break my new sugar restriction but it felt so ungrateful not to have a piece when she'd been so thoughtful (and gf oats cost more than normal oats!) so I had one piece, no binge...

Food today:

Breakfast: 2 (whole) egg omelette stuffed with ham, mushrooms & red onion (all cooked in coconut oil) – too much filling, judging from the spillage when I shifted it from pan to plate, but delicious just the same!


Lunch: hot & sour soup with added wakame

Dinner: slow cooked roast lamb with steamed baby carrots, broccoli, asparagus & cauliflower + mint sauce


Snacks: fruit, protein water, summer fruit smoothie made with a banana and kara coconut milk


  1. I know how it feels when you want to just push on with exercise while you have the motivation but it's definitely good to step back when you are in pain! Hopefully the rest will do you good and you'll able to get back to the training with renewed vigour!

  2. Commiserations, it is a real downer when the body refuses to co-operate with your regimen, it's just plain ungrateful!!!