Friday, 8 April 2011

Friday at last

Aching again... but this time its not an 'old lady moved unwarily' pain, its a 'how many kettle bell swings did you do yesterday??? With WHICH weight of bell???' kind of ache... and its bad enough that after 1 attempt at a resistance session this morning I got up and jumped crawled on the elliptical instead. Usually if I do that when I ache the discomfort vanishes as soon as my muscles warm up (and comes back again when I hit the shower) but not today...

Glorious if unproductive walk at lunchtime... I headed to the hill towards Clifton, planning to visit the deli I found last time, but took a wrong turn and didn't get there. Still, my legs stopped aching by the time I reached the top of the hill, and it was lovely to see the sunshine, all the fountains on and filled with people paddling in the cool shallow water...

Food today:

Breakfast: almond flour pancakes with home-made applesauce and home-made coconut butter. Oh. My. God. They were wonderful - and so simple!


Lunch: Italian chicken salad from Pret a manger


Dinner: Seafood medley over a massive salad with roasted vegetables, topped with avocado green goddess dressing


Snacks: fruit, protein water, Greek yoghurt

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