Saturday, 9 April 2011

First BBQ of the year–summer must be here!

So, I christened the barbecue today, did you guess? Its been so amazingly, wonderfully summery and beautiful here today I can’t believe it!

This morning I walked into town. It was lovely and mild, and I thoroughly enjoyed every step. On the way home, I made some new friends…


Even though they were clearly a little wary and nervous they actually came up to say hello (looking for food no doubt) and I got to stroke some noses!

This afternoon we watched Shrek Ever After. I know its been criticised as nowhere near as good as the others, but I still enjoyed it, and I’m not afraid to admit it. There’s something about singing donkeys, talking cat and belching ogres that just never fails to entertain me!

Then we pulled out the new barbecue we bought for a family BBQ we’re planning for July. Last time we did that we were using a new BBQ for the first time, and it took ages to get it up to cooking temperature (while all our family members got p*ssed waiting to eat) so we decided not to risk leaving it that long this time! The BBQ we bought also has a second cooking area for smoking, so you know you’ll be hearing / seeing something I’ve smoked somewhere down the line!

I didn’t do any resistance training today, but my rucksack was heavy so I’d say that makes up for it a bit… doesn’t it?

Food today:

Breakfast: A carbon copy of yesterday’s but with less pretty pancakes, so you can have the one from yesterday again…


Lunch: 3 cheese broccoli soup with added gammon ham


Dinner: The BBQ…….. (I didn’t finish all the meat, so some will be eaten tomorrow)


Snacks: Smoothie of summer fruit, banana, whey, romaine lettuce & coconut milk


A handful of walnuts and some cold meat

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  1. Nice to see the BBQ season has started!!! We have a Cob BBQ which is very portable and can stand on any table as the outside doesn't get hot. Ideal for just us two!!!!