Monday, 18 April 2011

Catching up again

Nothing very interesting happened yesterday... a pleasant sunny walk, movie afternoon (Toy Story 3)

Today is rest day of course, apart from walking to M&S to return some trousers I bought without trying them on on Saturday. Based in the label on the hanger they should've fit me, but the label on the trousers themselves would have told me they were a size bigger in every dimension and a longer length than I wear... had I bothered to read it! A mistake I greatly regretted as I stood in a mile long queue moving at snail's pace through my lunch break.

Food yesterday
Breakfast: almond pancakes made with dried cherries & berries, drizzled with coconut butter & a few raspberries


Lunch: salad with grilled vegetables & chicken


Dinner: chicken fried cauliflower rice


Nuts and a Greek yoghurt with berries

Food today:

Breakfast: blueberry almond muffins sandwiched with a very little peanut butter and reduced sugar jam


Lunch: salad topped with jerk chicken (very very spicy!)

Dinner: pan fried rump steak with grilled vegetables


Snacks: fruit, protein water, dried fruit & nuts plus some ham eaten in an attempt to not eat sweet stuff while knackered and starving (which failed as I eventually had a Snickers bar. And then a meringue nest after dinner)

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