Monday, 4 April 2011

Catch up

Well, I had a lousy weekend - I went to Cardiff Saturday morning but it was spoiled by a nagging headache that turned into a flaming migraine by evening and had me praying my head would actually explode instead of just feeling like it might. Sunday the head was better in terms of actual agonizing pain but I was still overly sensitive to light & sound and felt rather disconnected from things so not that much better. I did walk into town in the morning, but as it was quite sunny that made my eyes hurt.
So, today is my first day of cutting out the sugar... for now I'm just aiming for one week, and I'm keeping the fruit in my diet, but the way I've been going on lately it'll be a miracle if I manage a single lousy week...
This morning was resistance rest day, but I had some recycling to get rid of and a little shopping to do so I went to Bedminster at lunchtime. Another nice sunny day, without the pain so I could actually appreciate it a bit more, although I wasn't really in the mood so I kind of marched there and back.

Food Saturday:
Breakfast: gf toast with Weight Watchers baked beans


Lunch: Flaming bird at Las Iguanas, with a pomegranate citrus side salad


Dinner: pear & turnip soup with a little curry paste stirred in - it didn't taste of curry or have any spicy heat but was less sweet - with gf bread

Snacks: Blueberry yoghurt with seeds and a mini (non-gf) whoopie pie, just because I'd never had one, from Starbucks. Later a berry blast gf protein bar


Breakfast: gf rye bread rolls stuffed with a hard boiled egg mashed with Philadelphia lite


Lunch: Hot & sour soup with wakame seaweed

Dinner: stir fry of veggies (including spiralized carrot & courgette noodles) with a thinly sliced piece of rump steak


Snacks: some non-gf oatmeal cookies to get my stomach gurgling, a summer fruit-banana smoothie and a pack of melon pieces

Food today:

Breakfast: Spinach-broccoli 'roll' stuffed with bacon & served with mushrooms


Lunch: chunky chicken & veg soup

Dinner: gf meatballs made with lean pork mince, dried onion flakes and mashed turnip and flavoured with sage and dried chilli flakes, with tomato sauce & vegetable noodles


Snacks: fruit, protein water, summer fruit smoothie made with hemp protein (looks like dirt and tastes how it looks), banana and kara coconut milk

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