Monday, 7 March 2011

Weekend round up

Saturday was a quiet day with a walk into town and not much else to report. I started watching a movie called Perrier's Bounty in the afternoon but fell asleep and decided to drop it.
Sunday I walked into Chepstow and back again without stopping for coffee. Funny how much less appealing the coffee shop becomes when you only drink decaf and can't eat the baked goodies because they ALL contain gluten! In the afternoon I pretty much collapsed feeling very tired & weighed down - and I also realised that my baseless depression on Friday was hormonal and explicable after all...

This morning I started trying to shake up the training a little bit by splitting my session between the rowing machine and the walker. It felt good to do something different so I'll be trying to keep that up.
I don't know what happened at lunchtime today; I walked to the Oxfam bookshop with another donation then carried on to Waitrose for some shopping.


As I was walking around the shop I suddenly felt very wobbly, dizzy and disoriented, my feet didn't want to pick up properly, and I actually considered sitting down on the floor before I fell down. Before walking back to work I aye my dessert Bounty and an Eat Natural bar I'd bought for later in the week and that gave me enough of a boost to get back. Not a very nice feeling at all! Of course eating what amounts to 2 candy bars led to the inevitable mid-afternoon sugar slump, but at least that happened after I got back to the office...

After work I went for another walk (no rucksack, just relaxation) because it was such a beautiful evening (cold though!). I headed towards town just to have somewhere to aim for, and walked over the fields and into the castle grounds.


Food Saturday:
Breakfast: gf waffles with Greek yoghurt & fruit


Lunch: chicken and rice soup with multigrain rice cakes spread with lite Philadelphia (garlic & herbs)


Dinner: Ethiopian chicken stew with quinoa & roasted vegetables


Snacks: too much fruit, peanut butter & dried fruit, plus Greek yoghurt with seeds

Food Sunday:

Breakfast: buckwheat flakes with cottage cheese, soya milk & fruit


Lunch: monster salad with feta cheese


Dinner: monster salad with grilled salmon seasoned with old bay seasoning


Snacks: cocoa mint Nak’d bar; Greek yoghurt with seeds, popcorn, PB, and a small slice of home-made Apple cake to test my reaction to the gluten. Let's just say it was a windy evening (but no discomfort, and delicious, so worth it in non-social circumstances!!!)

Food today:

Breakfast: buckwheat flakes soaked overnight in soya milk with dried mixed fruit, then topped with Greek yoghurt this morning.

Lunch: chicken rice soup, Eat Natural bar & a Bounty for dessert...

Dinner: Tofu stir fry


Snacks: protein water, fruit, Greek yoghurt with fruit & seeds


Weight today: 10st 8 lbs (148 lbs). Not happy but given the circumstances not mad either...

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