Wednesday, 23 March 2011


And what a beautiful, warm, summery Wednesday it has been!

Rowing machine for 40 minutes this morning as I was feeling in the swing of it a bit - that might have been a mistake though, as I think I lost form when I got tired & let my back slump a bit, and now have a definite twinge going on. Ah well, you live and learn... I also tend to tighten my grip when I get tired, which leads to blisters on my hands. Sigh. And I was looking originally for non-weight bearing exercise because I walked into a table corner on Sunday and have a massive bruise on my left knee...

So obviously I went for a shopping walk at lunchtime just to keep things moving and blood pumping etc. After my boring Tesco shop I stopped off at the wonderful Wednesday farmers market and decided to get a lot of the nibbles for my next buffet dinner there in a few weeks. There are multiple artisan cheese makers, fish smokers, a baker and a stall selling mainly Mediterranean & Moroccan goodies - multiple flavours of houmous, for instance - and quite a few of the vendors specialize in gluten free / vegan / diabetic friendly etc., so their offerings are a bit different and interesting. Today I settled for a cheese flavoured with horseradish & parsley, but I could have bought much much more!

Food today:

Breakfast: gf olive-tomato bread with a couple of poached eggs and 2 rashers reduced fat bacon, followed by fruit salad


Lunch: Moosewood pear & turnip soup thickened and enhanced with red lentils and tomatoes - I wanted to make it a little more savoury and take the edge off the sweetness, and it worked very well.

Dinner: Rump steak with Butternut squash chips, mushrooms, peas & corn.


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blueberries, 2 tangerines, protein water

Weight: 10st 8.4lbs (148.4). Water retention due to sugar yesterday I think as I tracked calories and didn't go over.

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