Wednesday, 16 March 2011


I spent 43 minutes on the stationary cycle this morning and was glad I did - even though my body forces the odd rest day on me I do feel so much better when I keep the momentum going! No really horrible side effects from deciding that my own home-baked goodies were worth eating, but I am carefully controlling my portions and I did feel a bit 'windy' again after. (TMI? Sorry, but I live to share... ;-))

I had a short walk at lunchtime managing to stay out of any shops that looked like they might be gf chocolate pushers. My baking went down well and no-one seemed to be put off by the fact that I wasn't eating it myself (be honest, don't you find that a bit weird in a chef / baker / keen cook yourself?)

Food today:
Breakfast: overnight buckwheat flakes, topped with blueberries and a chopped banana


Lunch: Chicken rice soup with added spinach

Dinner: soya mince curry with veg including Butternut squash, carrots and cauliflower served with brown rice, a poppadom and salad


Snacks: the new Fage 0% Greek yoghurt with blueberry compote; protein water; fruit salad and almonds.

Weight: 10st 8.4lbs (148.4). Told you yesterday wasn't for real... ok I'm now back to losing the same pounds AGAIN but that beats having new ones to lose on top of them...

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