Monday, 14 March 2011


Hangover this morning so no training, loads of coffee and water, no desire to be at work, and lots of complaining... I was determined not to eat crap all day because of this, so I focused on fruit and veg again. Although I did drink some chocolate milkshake at lunchtime (Frijj chocolate fudge brownie OMG heaven in a bottle...) while out for a walk to buy some new walking boots (bet you'd be amazed to hear that my walking boots wear out fairly quickly!). It was utterly beautiful weather - cool, crisp and brilliant sunshine so I felt like walking home instead of going back to work!

Nothing special happened this morning (see above) so I thought I'd blog about my gf thing as dianeuk asked about it... I haven't been diagnosed as gluten intolerant (didn't ask for the test as its notoriously unreliable) but I decided to avoid it for a month after reading a list of symptoms I could have written myself. A few days into the experiment my digestive system was much more stable, no constipation (despite much lower dietary fibre), no diarrhea, no gurgling stomach and wind, no bloated or nauseous feelings, and much more energy. As all these things are linked to gluten intolerance I'm inclined to think that I am - but feeling that much better is something I like enough not to need a label to feel its worth carrying on (though occasionally I plan to allow myself the odd treat, while monitoring the effect). The only uncertainty is whether I can do without proper toast (or discover a gf recipe good enough to really replace it - not so far!)

Food today:
Breakfast: Gf Nairns muesli - quite tasty and not too unsatisfying either, with no added sugar or salt - with blueberries & soy milk, followed at work by a small fruit salad


Lunch: big salad with prawns & feta

Dinner: fake Nandos marinated Portobello mushroom & halloumi in gf roll with chilli jam, served with salad & squash chips (grilled)


Snacks: protein water (at 2am when I woke up feeling dehydrated and crappy); Greek yoghurt with honey; banana; chocolate milk as mentioned above

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  1. As you say no need for names but if it suits you then go for it. I have an allergy type reaction to alcohol so I don't drink. Fortunately I am OK with cooked alcohol and at a push I can drink clear spirit the only one of which I like is grappa but even a half glass of wine sets me off. Weird but that's life I guess!!!!