Tuesday, 1 March 2011

That Monday feeling

I know it was Tuesday, but taking a day off yesterday fooled me into feeling like it was Monday!

I managed to drag myself onto the elliptical walker this morning again, despite a huge mental battle going on because I really really didn't want to! I can't say I felt my usual boost from the exercise today though - I didn't do badly at the time but my butt was dragging along the carpet all morning, my legs felt like lead and my eyes felt like the Sahara desert. I'm sure I would've felt worse without training though...

I managed to take a walk at lunchtime - and carried a rucksack of clothes to donate to a charity shop with me on the way out as well.

I'm reinstating my 'only snack on fruit' plan after the indiscretions of the weekend. Starting tomorrow, as my dragging butt demanded a crème egg to stay awake this morning... and a skinny full-caff cappuccino, despite the fact that most of the time I only drink decaf these days.

Food today:
Breakfast: Bowl of buckwheat flakes soaked overnight in Kara coconut milk with dried fruit & Greek yoghurt.


Lunch: Corn chowder; fruit salad

Dinner: A casserole of mixed game – nothing special – with cauliflower & LC mash and roasted asparagus


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with seeds; 2 bottles protein water; an apple & 3 small clementines;  the crème egg

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