Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sunny Sunday

And partly sunny Saturday…

As you may have picked up yesterday, my weigh in was not much fun. Still, I managed to persuade myself not to slump too far into my usual self pity, and resisted the urge to stuff my face full of comfort food all day even so. I had quite a pleasant walk into town in the morning, and a very peaceful afternoon featuring a long hot soak in the bath-tub after a 40 minute elliptical session as well.

This morning I walked into Chepstow. It was overcast here early on, but by the time I was heading out the clouds were starting to break up, and by the time I got half way there it was sunny and warm enough to have me taking off my jacket. Lovely! It stayed beautiful all afternoon and M spent some time out in the garden building a new BBQ we’ve just bought because we’re planning another family extravaganza in the summer.

Then… we watched How to Train Your Dragon!!! BEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME!!! Winking smileExcept maybe Bolt! (Seriously, I did think it was cute, funny and really adorable…)

Food Saturday:

Breakfast: Weight watchers beans on GF olive-tomato toast


Lunch: Hot & Sour soup cooked in the slow-cooker with rice cakes topped with Philadelphia light and vegetables


Dinner: Fake Nandos with a GF roll, Portobello mushroom & halloumi marinated in garlic peri peri sauce, salad and squash chips flavoured with garlic pepper.


Snacks: My first smoothie for ages;


A 9 seed bar (all gone now thankfully – I love them but they’re too high calorie for my taste); and some cottage cheese with reduced sugar jam stirred in

Food today:

Breakfast: Gluten free waffles! These were actually probably the most successful waffles I’ve made so far – delish! I basically followed this recipe, but subbed Dove’s GF Plain flour for the brand listed, used buttermilk instead of regular milk, and added a handful of blueberries + half a teaspoon of vanilla essence on impulse at the last minute. With Greek yoghurt and a selection of fruit


Lunch: Chicken rice soup with a couple of GF chipolatas and some spinach added, plus some rice cakes topped with the same toppings as above


Dinner: Socca pizza with swede chips and salad


Snacks: I may have accidentally drunk a Frijj Cookies & cream flavoured milkshake on the way back from town Smile and eaten some dried berries. I’d previously had a planned for cocoa mint Nak’d bar, and I also had a bottle of protein water

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