Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Sometimes I CAN listen to my body…

After my lovely second walk yesterday I couldn't stop nibbling so I decided to take a rest morning and not train before work today. I think the combination of non-stop hunger and the dizzy spell yesterday lunchtime is probably my body trying to tell me something. I did walk at lunchtime though, mainly because I needed to buy some boring work shoes. (One pair turned into 3 – and found friend in the form of 4 tops and some thermal socks – don’t know how that happened….)

Food today:
Breakfast: gf roll with low fat bacon, dry-fried Portobello mushroom and scrambled egg whites with a small fruit salad


Lunch: slow cooker fish chowder

Dinner: Rump steak with swede & squash chips, dry-fried mushroom and salad


Snacks: fruit, protein water, popcorn, Greek yoghurt with seeds

Weighed in at a horrible 10st 9lbs again today (149) but I know its not a real gain... which doesn't alter the fact that I'm sick of seeing these numbers and making these excuses...

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