Saturday, 12 March 2011


Quiet day most of the day, just a walk into town and some shopping.

This afternoon we watched a movie – Chloe – which we enjoyed even though I predicted the whole story pretty much after 10 minutes. Still, I really like Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore was good as ever.

When the movie was finished it was time to get dinner – and I attempted something new and daunting. I may not be a natural gluten free baker…

My first attempt at gluten free pizza….

Naked dough…. (heavily floured)






And finished off…


Really wet dough that fell apart repeatedly and had to be stuck together with extra rice flour and brute force…. I’m sure I’ll improve with practice!!! It would probably have helped if I hadn’t had to replace corn flour with hemp flour because I ran out… I don’t know enough about gf flours to know what can substitute for what!

Food today:

Breakfast: Buckwheat porridge with cookies & cream whey and a banana


Lunch: Massive feta cheese salad


Dinner: The gf vegetarian pizza!!!!!! (*2) It tasted a lot better than I thought it would! The rest of the dough will show up as bread in a day or two – probably suspiciously green-looking because of the hemp! I had added sun-dried tomatoes and sliced black olives to the dough as well.


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blueberries; gingerbread flavour Nak’d bar; sludgey looking protein smoothie

Weight: 10 st 10st 7.4lbs (147.4 lbs)

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