Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Oh, my aching everything...

This morning I started off with an admittedly loosely structured resistance circuit. It was nothing really, but given my failure to embrace resistance to date I was still pleased with my efforts! Push-ups, chin-ups, crunches, lunges, a few kettle bell swings and a couple of very half-hearted Turkish get ups - and a plank (sooooooooo boring) plus some Arnie presses. Then I did a 25 minute intervals program on the elliptical to finish things off. I must admit bits of me were aching all day today – though I still managed another 6 chin-ups this evening.

At lunchtime I had a few boring errands to do so I didn’t get a proper walk, but did have to go out even though it was drizzly. I managed to do most of what I needed to, so it was at least productive. Unlike the afternoon, which was a team bonding meeting consisting of mandatory games – and I’m a contractor, so in a few months I will leave without a trace, out of sight and mind…

The evening was filled with housework. Mum’s visiting tomorrow so I had to dig out a pitchfork to sort the house out to a more or less acceptable level. All in all today was mostly about doing what I needed to rather than enjoying it – but there was a feeling of satisfaction with some of it, and the resistance training wasn’t the worst part of the day…

Food today:

Breakfast: overnight buckwheat flakes with kara coconut milk, dried apricots and fresh blueberries.


Lunch: Pear and turnip soup with added veg stock and lentils

Dinner: Butternut squash cauliflower 'risotto' with salad & asparagus


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blueberries, protein water, fruit salad; some almonds for added fat and protein

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