Thursday, 3 March 2011

Nearly the weekend!

Walker again today - I thought about shaking it up with the bike but wasn't in the mood. I thought I might struggle after an elliptical session and 2 loaded walks yesterday but actually did ok even on higher resistance. However I also tried for some pull-ups and really struggled with them. Managed a good walk at lunchtime though - I'm singlehandedly restocking the local Oxfam bookshop!

Food today:

Breakfast: buckwheat flakes soaked overnight in coconut milk with dried blueberries, sour cherries, and raisins, then topped with Greek yoghurt this morning.


Lunch: lentil & bacon soup from the canteen and a fruit salad

Dinner: a slow-cooked stew of chilli beans, soya mince and veg, served in courgette boats with salad


Snacks: protein water, fruit, Greek yoghurt with seeds, cashew cookie Nak'd bar, we are bear fruit roll ups

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