Thursday, 31 March 2011

Less achy Thursday

Not feeling 190 years old any more, and I managed some resistance this morning in the form of a few pull-ups, push-ups etc. I'm able to do significantly less of them at the moment than at the beginning of the week though, which I assume is down to not taking a full rest day rather than me gaining 5lbs overnight (I didn't weigh this morning, but I don't feel like I did, and my conscience is fairly clear from yesterday) and therefore having to lift more weight.

I brought some baking in to work today. I'd had an apple cake in the freezer since the beginning of the year, so I defrosted that and added 2 kinds of cookies as well. They went down very well, thankfully!

This morning the weather was drizzly and depressing, but it brightened up nicely by lunchtime, allowing me my usual walk. I marched up to Waitrose in Clifton, then took a meandering new route back to the office for a change. I didn't find anything particularly interesting or picturesque, but I still enjoy exploring so that didn't really disappoint. It was also quite hard work because it was so windy - climbing a steep hill into the wind wasn't easy going!

Food today:

Breakfast: buckwheat 'porridge' with strawberries

Lunch: 3 cheese broccoli soup

Dinner: stir fry with tofu & edamame beans, and roasted broccoli


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blueberries, a couple of cookies (No, they weren't gf....and my stomach gurgled all afternoon as a result!)

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  1. When you say Clifton is that near Bristol if it is I have friends who live in Nailsea which is pretty close by and I was born in Bristol, small world!!!