Sunday, 13 March 2011

Gluten free binge

Yep, today is looking like a slow motion binge (or non-stop nibble-fest, depending on how you want to put it) and I don’t care because I’m just so frustrated and peed off at my lack of motivation and self-discipline right now. Bouncing around the same pound or so is driving me batty, but all that does is makes me want to eat more, because why the hell not?


Food today:

Breakfast: A cooked breakfast of my version of home-fried potatoes (new potatoes, green & red pepper & red onion) baked in the oven with a gf sausage and some mushrooms, topped with LF bacon & a poached egg


Lunch: Chicken rice soup with spinach added, 3 multigrain gf ‘rice’ cakes and a slice of gf olive oil bread


Dinner: GF Teriyaki tofu (baked) with a fried ‘rice’ made of finely chopped cauliflower and carrot, with peppers, mushrooms, onion and soya beans


Snacks: Ah, snacks…. Greek yogurt with blueberries. A 9 bar (pumpkin flavour). Loads of dried fruit and fresh melon plus a healthy dollop of PB. Plus a couple few mini-Green & Blacks chocolate bars and a Nak’d bar... and several rum & cokes and a sticky fingers cocktail

Weight: 10 st 7.5lbs (147.5lbs)

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  1. Chrissie I note lots of gluten free food do you have a proven allergy to gluten? or are you experimenting to check?