Friday, 4 March 2011

Depressing Friday

Walker again this morning, and I will admit that I feel the need for a change now. I know what the experts say about shaking things up to keep the body guessing - and working hard - and I know that I'm so deep into my elliptical rut that I can't see over the edge any more, so I need to add some other form of training (I don't want to stop ellipticizing altogether). I have access to a cycle, rowing machine & obviously the walker, plus a pull-up bar and a dvd player that will allow me to do dvds as well, I just have to talk myself into doing some of the other things. Oh yes, and a skipping rope (I really suck at skipping) and a yoga mat. Time to work out some variety...

I was feeling fairly cheerful for some reason this morning but about 11am for no reason I was just about swept away by a huge wave of depression. I don't know what brought it on, but it led to me not going out for a walk even though it was a beautifully sunny (freezing cold) day and I had another rucksack full of books to dispose of. I also decided to replace my home-made soup with a canteen lunch, and battled as hard as I could against the desire for some chocolate... Eventually the urge for a Bounty wore off, and then the urge to sob like a baby at my desk faded too... but I'm still feeling a little bit fragile and still don't know what brought it on.

Food today:

Breakfast: buckwheat flakes soaked overnight in coconut milk with dried blueberries, sour cherries, and raisins, then topped with Greek yoghurt & fresh blackberries this morning.


Lunch: Baked potato topped with 'Moroccan lamb' from the canteen

Dinner: Slow cooker corn chowder with toasted gluten free bread


Snacks: protein water, fruit, Greek yoghurt with seeds


Minor confession time: I've been continuing to weigh daily while not reporting the results here because the results aren't what I want to see on the scales, or on mg blog. But that's never been the point of this blog, so its time to bring it back...
Weight today: 10st 7.1 lbs (147.1 lbs). More than 2 months since Christmas and I've lost a whopping 2lbs of my seasonal weight gain...

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  1. So sorry you had a depressing day. I get those random lows and sweeps of emotion too: congrats for eating so well on a day when you weren't feeling your best.

    2lbs is better than nothing! At least you haven't maintained or gained, so stop beating yourself up over that. Even slower progress than you'd like is STILL progress.

    Sounds like you could set up a good circuit with that equipment: perhaps some tabata intervals?

    Have a great week-end (and I meant to say before that I'm so glad your Mum is okay)