Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Busy Tuesday

Rowing machine, walker and (very few) chin ups this morning before breakfast. I was feeling a little foggy because I woke up early (around 2:20 am) then nodded back off until my alarm went off - I hate that! Normally I get up 10 minutes before it would go off! Still, I managed to spring / fall out of bed and stagger to the gym, and got through the full session (and episode of NCIS) even if it wasn't the greatest workout ever, and it helped wake me up!
At lunch I went on a longer than usual walk/hike into Clifton. I want to live in Clifton, its far and away the nicest (and most extortionately expensive) part of Bristol I've seen. I was there in search of a couple of whole foods shops, and sadly for my bank balance, I found one... I usually walk for 25 minutes then turn around. This time I carried on slightly further because I was very sure I knew where it was. Then I found it and couldn't drag myself away... I ended up getting back to the office 15 minutes later than planned (and, antisocially, slightly sweaty...). Luckily an impulse meeting was called that ran on 15 minutes past my usual leaving time, so I’m all square!

This evening I did some more baking to get rid of ingredients – quite effectively, as I’m now completely out of non-GF oats, chocolate chips, and dried fruit. I made my favourite oatmeal cookies recipe, you’ve seen it before – but this time I subbed dried cherries for the raisins. They’ll be hidden away in the freezer for now as I don’t want to feed my colleagues to death all in one go…


Food today:

Breakfast: gf muesli soaked overnight in soya milk & Greek yoghurt, then topped with blueberries & blackberries


Lunch: Slow cooker Pancetta-split pea soup thickened and enhanced with red lentil, tomatoes & spinach, with a bag of salt & vinegar flavour snack a jacks, followed by a small gf almond cake I bought while exploring the health food shop


Dinner: teriyaki tofu with stir fried veggies


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blueberries, 1 tangerine, protein water, a meringue and a few miniature gf crackers from the health food shop

Weight: 10st 7.4lbs (147.4).

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