Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Baking Tuesday

Back on the walker this morning and feeling much better than yesterday! Except for my weigh in, see below...
My mum & her OH are visiting me after work today. I'm really looking forward to seeing them, but I'm really glad I decided (before my weigh in) to cook rather than taking them out for dinner. At least I was in control of that meal...

I then embarked on a baking marathon. I’ve been wanting to do some baking to use up my gluten-bearing ingredients, but with my recent binge fresh in my memory, I was reluctant to risk it in case I decided that it was worth the risk… but with my Mum watching over me I managed to bake without tasting, and between Mum taking some away, and me taking more into work tomorrow as I plan to, the temptation will soon be all gone….

Mint-choc chip blondies


Butterscotch-nut blondies


Flap jack with raisins and chocolate chips (it is slightly over-browned, but also contains molasses so is very dark anyway)P1100389

And choc chip coconut (‘Bounty’) blondie bites.


I started out planning to bake one or two batches of blondies, but then got into my baking groove and just kept going…. my kitchen looked like a full army of bombs went off in it, and I had to make the last batch as blondie bites because I was out of suitable baking tins! (And butter… so I substituted oil in the flapjack and coconut oil in the blondie bites. I am nothing if not determined when the baking itch strikes!!!

Food today:
Breakfast: overnight buckwheat flakes, followed at work by a small melon selection

Lunch: Turnip and pear soup from the Moosewood Sundays cookbook (tasty but slightly too sweet for my taste) and a pack of edamame beans. This wasn't very filling and I added a gluten free chocolate brownie on my lunchtime walk - oops. Bad Chrissie, bad, bad, bad Chrissie.... but it was very good...


Dinner: slow cooked lamb with dry roasted potatoes, carrots & Brussels sprouts plus peas and gf gravy (made with arrowroot to thicken it)


Followed by a tiny sliver of apple cake with low fat ambrosia custard just to be sociable because Mum & her OH were having it…

Snacks: the new Fage 0% Greek yoghurt with strawberry compote; Nak'd bar.

Weight: AAARRGH.
I saw a number on the scales today I never wanted to see again.... especially after a relatively good day yesterday. (deep breath, get it over with....) 10st 11lbs (151lbs)!!! I know, intellectually, that this is not my true weight - while it is within the realms of possibility that I went 3500 over maintenance calories on Sunday I did NOT go 3.5 times that over. But Bleurgh, I did not enjoy seeing that. Something's got to change... my head, for starters, who has a depressing weigh in then eats a chocolate brownie? I mean who does that??? It's like I think I HAVE to try every gf offering in Bristol...

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  1. I'm so sorry you're feeling down: I react the same way to weight gain and tend to eat even more because I just get into a state of despair whereby I'm so far from my happy weight that the prospect of getting back to it seems impossible, so I get disillusioned, think 'sod it' and drown my sorrows in PB.

    It doesn't seem fair on you: you really don't seem to eat that much at all. The scales should be a lot kinder.