Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Back on the go again

Got up today almost raring to go and managed 25 minutes rowing & 25 minutes cycling intervals before breakfast. What, no walker? At all? Seems unnatural to me... but I'm still determined to try to mix things up a bit & I do like that the rowing machine uses the whole body, not just the legs.

Food today:
Breakfast: gf toast with dry-fried mushrooms & 2 poached eggs, followed by a (planned) fruit salad


Lunch: slow cooker chicken rice soup enhanced by some herbes de Provence and frozen spinach

Dinner: Tandoori tofu with roasted vegetables & salad


Snacks: fruit, protein water, edamame beans, Greek yoghurt with seeds, a handful of almonds

Weighed in at 10st 8lbs again today (148) Grrrrrr

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