Thursday, 17 February 2011


Stationary bike for interval training today and when I reached work & climbed the stairs my legs felt like lead! Guess that demonstrates how specific any kind of fitness can be - I can walk or ellipticize for hours without feeling that way!
Just to prove that I walked at lunchtime - up a steep hill as well! It was quite warm with patchy sunshine, so walking up through College Green was very pleasant. Although busy, with lots of people around.


Food today:
Breakfast: Bowl of buckwheat flakes with peach, blueberries, raisins & seeds


Lunch: Sweet-corn chowder & fruit salad with an Alpro soya chocolate pudding.

Dinner: Ethiopian chicken stew topped with a hard boiled egg & served with quinoa


Snacks: Protein water; Apple & satsuma; Nak'd bar. Then things went wrong - raisins, peanut butter, butterscotch chips wrong. Possibly due to the rum & coke(s) I drank.... ah well, call it a night off...

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