Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Just the elliptical this morning again - plus a few half-hearted chin ups (testing myself after the back pain at the weekend). I tried to walk at lunchtime but rain stopped play...
I don't have much to say about today so I thought I'd say a few things about the whole gluten free thing I'm currently doing. Before I started, even when trying to control my carbs I was eating something containing gluten nearly every meal, from All bran and toast for breakfast to bread with LC for lunch and, even at dinner time, often quorn mince, or soy sauce, or some form of noodles or pasta.
And that's a good day, when I hadn't added biscuits / cookies / brownies / cake on top...
After most of those meals I felt bloated and gassy, and suffered from a lot of constipation as you've heard me moan on about a lot. Because of the constipation I kept gradually increasing the fibre in my diet - but almost exclusively from gluten-containing sources such as more All bran, oats (that don't contain gluten but are notoriously often contaminated with gluten during processing) and wholemeal bread. Then I'd get diarrhea, assume it was down to the amount of fibre, and repeat the cycle. The thing is though, even my lower fibre days involved eating nearly double the fibre that is recommended for a healthy diet, while drinking at least 2 litres of fluids a day. If it hadn't been for my days of habitually using laxatives in my 20s to boost weight loss I might have wondered why that was, but I have read that using laxatives excessively can lead to a kind of 'lazy bowel' condition so I assumed that was the problem.
In the past week I have not had constipation even though my fibre levels have halved. My stomach doesn't guile and churn all the time, and I don't have diarrhoea. I also haven't been as depressed as I would have expected given that I'm now taking only one antidepressant a week. Maybe I'm finally onto something....

Food today:

Breakfast: Big bowl of puffed millet cereal with blueberries and peaches and a fruit salad



Lunch: Soup & a bag of snack a jacks followed by an Alpro Dark Chocolate pudding


Dinner: Tandoori tofu with a big salad – this was delicious!!!


Snacks: Satsuma & Apple, Greek yoghurt with fruit & some seeds; a Nak'd bar

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  1. Tandoori tofu looks and sounds fantastic!

    I've been having digestive "issues" for a while now as well and it's nightmarish, think it's definitely worth eliminating a few things and seeing how you get on :)