Thursday, 17 February 2011


40 minutes ellipticizing today while watching an episode of Criminal Minds. I do like to watch gruesome murders while exercising, what does that say about me I wonder???
It's another fairly dull day today, so although I still walked at lunchtime it could've been nicer. I also walked through a fairly ugly part of central Bristol, which was fairly uninspiring.

In the afternoon I attended a meeting with an obscene amount of sweets provided. ‘Nuff said, I feel....

Food today:
Breakfast: Gluten free waffles with reduced fat bacon, followed by a fruit salad after I got to work.


Lunch: Soup with a salad

Dinner: Punjabi beans with quinoa & salad. Hoping to finish this soon, I need to clear space in the freezer so can't just leave it but I'm a bit bored with it now - guess I made too big a batch.


Snacks: Protein water; Apple & satsuma; Greek yoghurt with seeds. Sweeties...

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