Thursday, 3 February 2011


I went on the elliptical this morning plus 2.5 pull ups. It was a rubbish workout, but doing it at all felt like a victory after the apathy - and pigging out - yesterday!
The sun was shining today after a grim grey rainy day yesterday and that has improved my mood - sometimes I wonder if I suffer from mild SAD or something! As opposed to just being nuts, I mean... the other thing that definitely did cheer me up was the supportive comments in response to yesterdays post - so thanks and hugs for that!
Something else was positive this morning... for some reason my office was full of home-baked cakes being sold for charity. Yesterday that would have been a good excuse to splurge even more, but today they were absolutely unappealing... so I had none at all!!!
I did walk at lunchtime and it was surprisingly warm as well as sunny, so I really enjoyed it. I'm still in the exploration stage of working in Bristol, and while its never likely to beat London, New York or Toronto in my affections - or San Francisco - it isn't boring yet!

Food today:

Breakfast: massive bowl of Winter pudding porridge with whey, psyllium husks, seeds & blueberries


Lunch: Soup with a homemade multigrain roll and a pot of tropical fruit fingers.

Dinner: Punjabi beans with a salad and some multigrain mix, plus some more tinned sour mustard greens – absolutely inappropriate as an accompaniment to an Indian-inspired bean dish, but it needed using up!


Snacks: Protein water, 3 falafels, Greek yoghurt with seeds, a small bag of snack a jacks and 2 Satsumas. Plus a slightly less planned pot of tropical fruit fingers.

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  1. I definitely think that sun has something to do with my mood - when we have several overcast days, I am so happy when I wake up to sunshine!

    Hope you are having a great weekend!