Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Still plodding onwards…

Trained this morning (elliptical + 3 pull ups and 4 chin ups) so I got off to quite a good start, especially after another poor nights sleep...
I resisted eating non-stop all morning too, helped by having some work to focus on. In fact I even resisted some cakes brought in by an office birthday boy even though he brought one of my favourites (custard tarts...Open-mouthed smile)
By lunchtime it was cold but really sunny so I went out for a walk & shop. It was lovely but actually a bit too bright (I'm cutting down on caffeine so battling withdrawal headaches). I bought an Ordnance Survey map of this area and a book of walks in Wales so hopefully I can find some new trails to blaze before long!

Food today:

Breakfast: massive protein smoothie, small bowl of all bran with peaches & seeds


Lunch: Soup with bread & LC and a snack pack of mango chunks.

Dinner: Tempeh curry with cauliflower rice & salad. I quite liked the tempeh in this, the only way I’ve found to like it! Followed by sugar free jelly with fruit


Snacks: 2 satsumas, a bottle of protein water; a small tub of fat free Greek yoghurt with some seeds.

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