Monday, 7 February 2011

More crap

Trained this morning (still just the elliptical) so that was a good start, especially after a poor nights sleep. Less good though is that I'm still finding I'm starving ridiculously early after my breakfast, which has me experimenting with slightly different breakfasts in an attempt to find something with more sticking power - any suggestions gratefully received! So far nothing has stopped me eating my whole days snacks by 9:30 and often starting my lunch before 11am...

Food today:

Breakfast: massive protein smoothie, small bowl of all bran with blueberries & seeds.


Lunch: Soup with bread & LC was the plan; then I ate the bread an hour earlier and the soup was rubbish, so instead I had a slice of cheese & tomato pizza and a salad. And a brownie....

Dinner: Quorn cottage pie with roasted vegetables


Snacks: 2 satsumas, a small bag of snack a jacks, a babybel light and half a bottle of protein water + a protein bar and 2 slices toast. That looks really bingey and I can't say I feel in control eating that many snacks but at least quite a few of them are low cal...

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