Saturday, 12 February 2011

The gluten free experiment

It occurred to me this week that I have quite a few symptoms of gluten intolerance – you’ve all read me whinging about headaches, depression, bloated or nauseous feelings and constipation / diarrhoea – so I’ve been looking into gluten intolerance and reading recipes all week – and haven’t eaten any gluten (unless it was really really well hidden) since Wednesday morning. And I have felt a little better already – even though I admit that seems suspiciously quick, and therefore may be psychological – so I’m going to keep it up for a full month, then add a little bread or something in to see what effect, if any, that has.

Now there is a definite potential issue for me in this. I can’t have real bread – and that’s bad, but I’m happy to experiment with gluten free baking, so I can handle that for a while – or BEER!!! FFS!!! Luckily I have found a gluten free beer to try –  its not quite the best ever,, but I guess I can make do Winking smile – and pretty much every other kind of booze is gluten free so I won’t have to abstain.

Oh yeah, and Quorn mince has gluten, and Cauldron veggie sausages have gluten (well pretty much all sausages) and meatballs and burgers and pretty much all packet mix sauces…. eek

I’ve been reading some interesting new blogs on gluten free living and finding a bunch of new recipes that I plan to try out at some point soon, and buying new grocery products and ingredients to help me out (which will of course be slightly wasted if I fall off the GF wagon) so it actually promises to be a bit interesting and maybe a bit fun. Having said that, since reaching this decision I’ve thought about nothing but food – planning and researching – and I’m not sure that’s entirely healthy, but I don’t suppose it will last long once I get more used to it. So, I’ll try not to bang on about it too much and bore you all, but may tell you about the effects / improvements etc. that I’m experiencing.

Food Friday:

Breakfast: Brown rice pudding with summer fruit berries and a little Greek yoghurt stirred in


Lunch: Soup & a salad with feta cheese, turkey and seeds

Dinner: Stir fry of veg and shirataki noodles, topped with tofu marinated in chilli-garlic sauce and baked


Snacks: Bag of Kettle crisps; Greek yoghurt with fruit and seeds

Today’s food:

Breakfast: Gluten free brown bread toast (bought at the farmer’s market I visited on Wednesday morning) topped with ricotta cheese & reduced sugar strawberry jam + an apple


Lunch: Pancetta split pea with added vegetables


Dinner: Baked sweet potato with roasted belly pork (I know – but it doesn’t hurt once in a while!!!) and salad


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blueberries & seeds;


Nak’d bar (Cocoa Orange flavour); protein smoothie

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