Friday, 25 February 2011

Don’t drink and cook…

Or bake, or blog…?

I am doing all 3 right now. Kind of, as the baking consists of preparing the dough for a couple of gluten free loaves from the Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day book. Be sure that when I bake it, you’ll see and hear about the results Open-mouthed smileAnd if blogging pissed is a problem I suspect you’ll be able to tell even sooner than that…

My mum got home last night after her biopsy, surprisingly happy and reporting no pain, thank god! Now we just have to wait a  week for the results
I managed to drag myself onto the elliptical walker this morning again, plus doing a total of 12 chin ups split into 3 sets. I'm still managing to stick to my 'only snack on fruit' plan, though I'm aware that its not perfect - whatever Weight Watchers' new plan says, I know about the calories & natural sugars in fruit (especially dried fruit of course) so I know I'll have to start cutting back on it soon. I also managed to take a walk at lunchtime - and carried a rucksack of recycling with me on the way out as well.

Food today:
Breakfast: Bowl of buckwheat flakes with blueberries, peaches & kara coconut milk

Lunch: Baked potato topped with lamb curry and a fruit salad

Dinner: Tofu coated with ground almonds and baked, served with swede chips and roasted vegetables.P1100290

Snacks: Greek yoghurt with seeds; 2 bottles protein water; clementine

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