Monday, 21 February 2011

Catching up

Sorry I didn't post all weekend, I just wasn't feeling it.
Saturday was less energetic than Friday - one walk, and a haircut. And I tried to watch Social Network but got bored and jumped ship 40 minutes before the end - I know most people have raved about it so it may have been my mood, but I found I just didn't care.
Sunday was mostly great. It was a rest day and my brother came over, so we went to our local Indian restaurant for lunch - fattening but fabulous! Unfortunately the evening ended with a binge on my part - peanut butter, raisins and Ben & Jerry's Fairly Nutty (love....). It wasn't that big of a binge though, so that was something I suppose. Oh yes, & I baked some gluten free banana nut muffins - not fantastic, but not terrible for a first attempt!

40 minutes on the elliptical again this morning, and a lunchtime walk to blow the cobwebs away. I overslept slightly this morning after struggling to get to sleep & forgetting to set my alarm, so there were lots of cobwebs!

Food Saturday:
Breakfast: Reduced fat bacon with scrambled eggs


Lunch: Grilled vegetable sandwich made with socca (really good, really simple, AND gluten free - thanks Laura!)


Dinner: Thai rice noodles salad with pork mince - very tasty but sadly I messed up & halved everything except the quantity of noodles. I'll make it again and I'm sure it will be even better with a higher sauce to noodles ratio!


Snacks: Popcorn & gluten free toast with LC and jam


Breakfast: 2 gf pork sausages with scrambled egg whites

Lunch: Garlic mushrooms to start, then lamb biryani with vegetable curry, followed by vanilla ice-cream with caramel sauce & glazed walnuts


Dinner: Carrot & coriander soup


Snacks: official snacks were Greek yoghurt with blueberries & 2 banana nut muffins. Then there was a pack of ham, spoonfuls of PB, handfuls of raisins, and maybe 150 - 200 gms of ice-cream.

And so to today...
Breakfast: Weight watchers baked beans on gf toast


Lunch: Carrot & coriander soup with a pack of edamame from Waitrose followed by an Alpro chocolate pudding

Dinner: tofu curry with rice & salad


Snacks: Pack of melon; Greek yoghurt with seeds; protein water; satsuma.

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