Monday, 28 February 2011

Weekend round up

Saturday my Mum & her OH came over for the day & night. A lovely lunch out, lots of hugs, and lots of pampering! BTW she had her diagnosis today – vasculitis in the kidneys - and is starting treatment with steroids & immuno-suppressants tomorrow. Apparently that should restore most of the function to her kidneys, thankfully.

On Sunday I took a little walk after they headed for home, and in the afternoon we watched Killers. Neither of us expected much of it, but we were pleasantly surprised and found it a funny, likeable, admittedly lightweight romp. I also baked my gluten free bread.


Today I spent 40 minutes on the walker, then also walked into town with a really heavy rucksack of books for donation.

Food for the weekend:

Saturday Breakfast: Flannel shirt cake waffles with summer fruits


Lunch: Poppadom with dips; lamb biryani (the same you saw photographed last weekend, so I didn’t bother to take another) and fudge ice-cream rolled in vanilla fudge for dessert


Dinner: Grilled aubergine, courgette, red onion, asparagus & mushroom salad with feta cheese


Snacks: I binged again. 500+ calories worth of tortilla chips, about the same of chocolates, a bag of dried fruit

Sunday Breakfast: Egg white scramble with sautéed peppers, onion & mushrooms on a socca base


Lunch: Chunky vegetable soup


Dinner: Vegetable fried rice with soy beans


Snacks: More tortilla chips and chocolate (all gone now, thankfully!) and a Greek yoghurt with blueberries & peaches


Breakfast: Scrambled egg whites, baked beans, and home-made gluten free bread


Lunch: Salad with feta cheese and seeds + a pack of wine gums on the way back from my walk


Dinner: Slow cooked lamb leg with a roast dinner


Snacks: Cottage cheese with jam;


protein water; GF banana nut muffin

Friday, 25 February 2011

Don’t drink and cook…

Or bake, or blog…?

I am doing all 3 right now. Kind of, as the baking consists of preparing the dough for a couple of gluten free loaves from the Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day book. Be sure that when I bake it, you’ll see and hear about the results Open-mouthed smileAnd if blogging pissed is a problem I suspect you’ll be able to tell even sooner than that…

My mum got home last night after her biopsy, surprisingly happy and reporting no pain, thank god! Now we just have to wait a  week for the results
I managed to drag myself onto the elliptical walker this morning again, plus doing a total of 12 chin ups split into 3 sets. I'm still managing to stick to my 'only snack on fruit' plan, though I'm aware that its not perfect - whatever Weight Watchers' new plan says, I know about the calories & natural sugars in fruit (especially dried fruit of course) so I know I'll have to start cutting back on it soon. I also managed to take a walk at lunchtime - and carried a rucksack of recycling with me on the way out as well.

Food today:
Breakfast: Bowl of buckwheat flakes with blueberries, peaches & kara coconut milk

Lunch: Baked potato topped with lamb curry and a fruit salad

Dinner: Tofu coated with ground almonds and baked, served with swede chips and roasted vegetables.P1100290

Snacks: Greek yoghurt with seeds; 2 bottles protein water; clementine

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Wake up call

This morning I heard that my Mum has been called into hospital for a biopsy on her kidney. Needless to say, I'm really worried, even though the procedure itself went fine, and food / weight-loss seems utterly unimportant right now.

Nevertheless, I did manage to drag myself onto the elliptical walker this morning, and to stick to my 'only snack on fruit' plan, and to take a walk at lunchtime - much needed for distraction purposes.

Food today:
Breakfast: 1 hard-boiled egg & 3 rashers reduced fat bacon on gf toast


Lunch: Spinach & potato soup with a feta cheese salad

Dinner: Bolognese sauce and shirataki noodles with salad


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with seeds; bag of dried mango & pineapple; 2 bottles protein water; apple

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Day After

Sugar hangover + sore foot kept me from training this morning. Rain + sore foot kept me from getting a decent walk at lunchtime, though I did get out for half an hour just to pick up some groceries. Now I want more food again. I have resolved that any unplanned snacking that might occur as a result of yesterday's sugar-fest will involve only fruit - at least that way my excess calories will come with fibre & nutrients...

I will not regain the weight
I will not regain the weight
I will not regain the weight.

So there

Food today:
Breakfast: 2 poached eggs on gf toast


Lunch: Corn chowder

Dinner: Socca pizza with salad (I soaked a sundried tomato in the water and added garlic Italian seasoning and a clove of roasted garlic to the batter as well). The ‘pizza’ was absolutely wonderful, even though understandably it didn’t go crisp like a normal pizza bread would


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with seeds; massive fruit salad; protein water; apple

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Chocolate binge-fest

Elliptical again today, with another episode of Criminal Minds to stave off the boredom. Plus a few chin ups, pull ups, and one plank because its been so long since I did one (only about 30 seconds, but it was at the end so I was tired)

On the weight loss front I'm feeling kind of defeated... its not that I think I'm being so good I deserve weight loss that I'm not seeing, because I know damn well why I'm not losing. I just can't quite bring myself to care enough, and I'm not sure why. I'm feeling interested and involved in the whole gf thing and not even tempted to break that, but I just don't give a crap about calorie counting and behaving myself right now... Which is why I binged on chocolate this afternoon... I guess I owe you an apology for being so tedious right now, I don't know how you manage to keep ploughing through my whining posts these days... Woe, woe, woe is me...

Food today:
Breakfast: Big bowl of fruit, Greek yoghurt, and a crumbled gf banana muffin. This was an experiment - and really didn't have a lot of holding power as I was hungry just over an hour later. And kept being hungry all morning...


Lunch: A baked potato topped with vegetable tagine & another pack of edamame

Dinner: Left over Thai rice noodle salad


Snacks; a bag of We Are Bear baked mango & pineapple fruit nibbles; a bottle of protein water; an Apple; a bounty bar and the rest...

Monday, 21 February 2011

Catching up

Sorry I didn't post all weekend, I just wasn't feeling it.
Saturday was less energetic than Friday - one walk, and a haircut. And I tried to watch Social Network but got bored and jumped ship 40 minutes before the end - I know most people have raved about it so it may have been my mood, but I found I just didn't care.
Sunday was mostly great. It was a rest day and my brother came over, so we went to our local Indian restaurant for lunch - fattening but fabulous! Unfortunately the evening ended with a binge on my part - peanut butter, raisins and Ben & Jerry's Fairly Nutty (love....). It wasn't that big of a binge though, so that was something I suppose. Oh yes, & I baked some gluten free banana nut muffins - not fantastic, but not terrible for a first attempt!

40 minutes on the elliptical again this morning, and a lunchtime walk to blow the cobwebs away. I overslept slightly this morning after struggling to get to sleep & forgetting to set my alarm, so there were lots of cobwebs!

Food Saturday:
Breakfast: Reduced fat bacon with scrambled eggs


Lunch: Grilled vegetable sandwich made with socca (really good, really simple, AND gluten free - thanks Laura!)


Dinner: Thai rice noodles salad with pork mince - very tasty but sadly I messed up & halved everything except the quantity of noodles. I'll make it again and I'm sure it will be even better with a higher sauce to noodles ratio!


Snacks: Popcorn & gluten free toast with LC and jam


Breakfast: 2 gf pork sausages with scrambled egg whites

Lunch: Garlic mushrooms to start, then lamb biryani with vegetable curry, followed by vanilla ice-cream with caramel sauce & glazed walnuts


Dinner: Carrot & coriander soup


Snacks: official snacks were Greek yoghurt with blueberries & 2 banana nut muffins. Then there was a pack of ham, spoonfuls of PB, handfuls of raisins, and maybe 150 - 200 gms of ice-cream.

And so to today...
Breakfast: Weight watchers baked beans on gf toast


Lunch: Carrot & coriander soup with a pack of edamame from Waitrose followed by an Alpro chocolate pudding

Dinner: tofu curry with rice & salad


Snacks: Pack of melon; Greek yoghurt with seeds; protein water; satsuma.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Active Friday

No rest day for me this Friday! 40 minutes on the stationary bike doing intervals again. The program is controlled by the heart rate as measured by a chest strap that I forgot to dampen before I started - so it made me work harder at the start till the contacts were damp enough to give an accurate reading.
I had a brisk, energetic walk at lunchtime, walking to Bedminster, where I did my course a few weeks ago. I needed it, as I was starving late morning and weakened again...

I leave work an hour earlier on Fridays, and as soon as I got home I donned my trusty rucksack and headed out up the embankment to Caldicot before the sun set. All in all, I think I’ve earned the gluten free beer I’m currently drinking today!

Food today:
Breakfast: Amaranth cooked last night in water then reheated on the hob with soy milk & a banana and topped with crunchy PB and strawberry jam. It looked a horrible gelatinous mess first thing this morning, but was actually a nice breakfast once the additions had been added!


This is the best peanut butter ever – available in 1kg tubs from  They roast them in their skins, then grind them with no added salt, sugar or fat. This tub has lasted us less than 2 weeks, as M agrees how good it is!!!

Lunch: Red lentil and vegetable soup with an Alpro soya pudding

Dinner: Marinated tofu (marinated over night in a mixture of gluten-free soy sauce, ginger, garlic and Dijon mustard) baked in the oven and served with a vegetable stir fry. Another good tofu recipe!



This recipe, like the tandoori tofu from the other day, came from this book. The lady really knows her tofu!

Snacks:  Greek yoghurt with seeds, bounty bar & pot of melon chunks.

Thursday, 17 February 2011


40 minutes ellipticizing today while watching an episode of Criminal Minds. I do like to watch gruesome murders while exercising, what does that say about me I wonder???
It's another fairly dull day today, so although I still walked at lunchtime it could've been nicer. I also walked through a fairly ugly part of central Bristol, which was fairly uninspiring.

In the afternoon I attended a meeting with an obscene amount of sweets provided. ‘Nuff said, I feel....

Food today:
Breakfast: Gluten free waffles with reduced fat bacon, followed by a fruit salad after I got to work.


Lunch: Soup with a salad

Dinner: Punjabi beans with quinoa & salad. Hoping to finish this soon, I need to clear space in the freezer so can't just leave it but I'm a bit bored with it now - guess I made too big a batch.


Snacks: Protein water; Apple & satsuma; Greek yoghurt with seeds. Sweeties...


Stationary bike for interval training today and when I reached work & climbed the stairs my legs felt like lead! Guess that demonstrates how specific any kind of fitness can be - I can walk or ellipticize for hours without feeling that way!
Just to prove that I walked at lunchtime - up a steep hill as well! It was quite warm with patchy sunshine, so walking up through College Green was very pleasant. Although busy, with lots of people around.


Food today:
Breakfast: Bowl of buckwheat flakes with peach, blueberries, raisins & seeds


Lunch: Sweet-corn chowder & fruit salad with an Alpro soya chocolate pudding.

Dinner: Ethiopian chicken stew topped with a hard boiled egg & served with quinoa


Snacks: Protein water; Apple & satsuma; Nak'd bar. Then things went wrong - raisins, peanut butter, butterscotch chips wrong. Possibly due to the rum & coke(s) I drank.... ah well, call it a night off...

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Just the elliptical this morning again - plus a few half-hearted chin ups (testing myself after the back pain at the weekend). I tried to walk at lunchtime but rain stopped play...
I don't have much to say about today so I thought I'd say a few things about the whole gluten free thing I'm currently doing. Before I started, even when trying to control my carbs I was eating something containing gluten nearly every meal, from All bran and toast for breakfast to bread with LC for lunch and, even at dinner time, often quorn mince, or soy sauce, or some form of noodles or pasta.
And that's a good day, when I hadn't added biscuits / cookies / brownies / cake on top...
After most of those meals I felt bloated and gassy, and suffered from a lot of constipation as you've heard me moan on about a lot. Because of the constipation I kept gradually increasing the fibre in my diet - but almost exclusively from gluten-containing sources such as more All bran, oats (that don't contain gluten but are notoriously often contaminated with gluten during processing) and wholemeal bread. Then I'd get diarrhea, assume it was down to the amount of fibre, and repeat the cycle. The thing is though, even my lower fibre days involved eating nearly double the fibre that is recommended for a healthy diet, while drinking at least 2 litres of fluids a day. If it hadn't been for my days of habitually using laxatives in my 20s to boost weight loss I might have wondered why that was, but I have read that using laxatives excessively can lead to a kind of 'lazy bowel' condition so I assumed that was the problem.
In the past week I have not had constipation even though my fibre levels have halved. My stomach doesn't guile and churn all the time, and I don't have diarrhoea. I also haven't been as depressed as I would have expected given that I'm now taking only one antidepressant a week. Maybe I'm finally onto something....

Food today:

Breakfast: Big bowl of puffed millet cereal with blueberries and peaches and a fruit salad



Lunch: Soup & a bag of snack a jacks followed by an Alpro Dark Chocolate pudding


Dinner: Tandoori tofu with a big salad – this was delicious!!!


Snacks: Satsuma & Apple, Greek yoghurt with fruit & some seeds; a Nak'd bar

Monday, 14 February 2011

Monday again

Just the elliptical this morning & not a great workout as I was tired after yet another bad night. I felt better after exercising though! At lunchtime I went for a walk to shop for some more gluten free goodies at the heath food shop and felt the most awake I was all day because it was bright and sunny but pretty cold. I enjoyed my walk, and I’m starting to notice many more picturesque buildings than I expected – I’ve always considered Bristol to be fairly modern and pretty ugly if I’m honest.  So there’ll be some photos coming up after my next walk on a nice day!

Food today:

Breakfast: 2 grilled Portobello mushrooms, 2 slices gluten free bread, 2 scrambled eggs and some gently sautéed red pepper & onion strips - delicious!


Lunch: Sweet corn soup and a salad with a mini babybel cheese and some seeds.

Dinner: Lean beef Bolognese with shirataki noodles, sweetheart cabbage & salad


Snacks: Satsuma & Apple, Greek yoghurt with fruit & some seeds; a Bounty & Nak'd bar for energy

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Grotty wet and windy Sunday

Yesterday we had bright, beautiful sunshine, today – typical Welsh monsoon weather. The back lawn squelches when I walk on it, and feels like a soaked sponge. Ick. So no walk today. I thought about going into the gym, but my backs been bothering me a bit so I had another (less official) rest day.

Otherwise, not too bad a day. I watched Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief (and enjoyed it very much, though I guessed who the Lightning Thief was straight away), made (with some, not total success) gluten free pancakes for breakfast…

Food today:

Breakfast: Gluten free waffles with blueberries, Greek yoghurt and a smidgeon of maple syrup. I know the waffle is very dark brown but its honestly not burnt – I used blackstrap molasses in the batter.


Lunch: Sweetcorn chowder with gluten free toast spread with ricotta & jam


Dinner: Fake Nando’s – marinated portobello and Halloumi cheese with salad and oven chips.


Snacks: Lots of peanut butter and raisins (oops); Greek yoghurt with seeds